UC Berkeley Class of 2021 Appeal Thread

I did not see any threads for appeals to UC Berkeley, so I thought it would be best to create a thread for UC Berkeley Appeals.

When do we hear back?

@voltthorn A couple years ago Berkeley stated on their websites that appeals submitted online before April 15th will receive their decisions by May 1st. However, I do not know if they still implement this policy.

@Bakasworld Yeah I submitted it about 3-4 days after decisions came out, so hopefully we’ll hear back this week along with some of the waitlisted students. I actually opted for a change in major from EECS to CS because I’m sure I don’t want to do electrical engineering. Do you think they’ll consider it? I mentioned that in my appeal form.

@voltthorn I know students who appealed to UCLA and wanted to change their major too were accepted to UCLA. However, since Berkeley is a different institution than UCLA, Berkeley appeal decisions may not correlate with UCLA appeal decisions.

@voltthorn Do you think adding classes to my course schedule for the spring semester that I did not initially report in my UC application will warrant an appeal? I was waitlisted for some of the classes that I am currently enrolled in for the spring semester, so I was unable to update my UC application until late February. I know that it may not guarantee an appeal approval, I just want to know if it is a valid reason to appeal my rejection decision. I am probably going to get rejected anyway lol, however, it would be nice know if I have a valid reason to appeal my rejection decision.

@Bakasworld I can’t really say, because you have no way of reporting scores for those classes, do you? I’m not sure if it entirely appeals a warrant, but send one in anyway!

@voltthorn Even though I mentioned in my appeal that I received an A for one of those classes and I am still taking two of those classes, I was thinking that reporting three news community college classes to my course schedule may show increased course rigor. However, I do not know if Berkeley may view the additional classes as a reason to overturn my decision.

@Bakasworld I really can’t say, but it seems reason enough to appeal as you’re showing that you’re capable of handling intense workload

Heyyy. I submitted my appeal to Berkeley on 4/24. The website says that we should expect to hear back on June 1. Honestly, I don’t mind waiting because it’s only a month of waiting compared to the 4 is months we had to wait before. And, the decisions for appeals come out before I graduate HS, so it will be nice to know about my Berkeley appeal decision while I am still in school and able to rearrange my college plans (finger crossed) without the hassle of being on summer break.

good luck with your appeals. I hope you guys get in!

Anyone knows where an engineering majored transfer should send an appeal form to? Should I send an email directly to the admission office or send a written mail to the Transfer Appeals Committee? (I know my decision letter says they don’t accept appeals for engineering majors but I still want to challenge my denied admission.)

Hi, I’ve submitted my appeal too. Did you paragraph your appeal letter? I’m asking because after I submit mine, I checked the letter in the official portal and found all the paragraph were gone, so the letter was presented as a whole. I wonder if I’ve made some mistake or that’s just how they present it and everyone’s the same.

@davidzz Everyone’s appeal letter is formatted that way.

Any idea when appeals usually hear back?

does UC Berkeley ask for additional documents in the appeal process?

I was looking at the thread from last year and it seems like Berkeley released acceptances/ reversed decisions on June 1, and they released rejections a week after. However, at UCLA they release decisions kind of on a “rolling” basis. So, at UCLA people usually hear back depending on when they submitted their appeal.

I talked to an admissions officer and he said that they don’t want additional documents. If they do, they will send you an email asking for transcripts, LOR etc.

Good luck! AHHH I really want to go to UCB :confused:

Does anyone have any updates? I sent my appeal sunday night because I had to cut it down to 500 words

Well first wave e waitlists are expected to come out at 4 pm today, so maybe some appeals will be out this week?

Is it bad to write that you have a learning disability in your appeal? I have dyslexia but I never mentioned anything about it in my college application because I thought it might affect my chances.