UC Berkeley Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

Not really. What I meant is at a certain high GPA, the marginal value of additional GPA points wont matter as much as the value of better essays+ECs etc. So, the 4.6-4.8 bucket with a better EC+Essay profile might have slightly better admit rates than the 4.8-5 bucket. If the buckets were 4.0-4.2 vs 4.2-4.4, then better essays + ECs may not help the 4.0-4.2 bucket.


I see. That makes sense. I should’ve picked up on that.

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Exactly, and that’s why my guess is that most admitted students will have more than 5. Most are CA residents and those students have to take pe (2 years for my D) and a year of art. The tip top students take the 5 core subjects, plus requirements mentioned above, plus electives. My D’s program had to take 2 extra classes in her sophomore year. They need to make sure senior year is super rigorous. I think 5 classes a year for a top CA resident would be unusual.

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Yup. Based on those lists linked showing acceptances from high schools- ours is definitely a feeder school. Super rigorous with 45+ kids admitted to UCB and UCLA. Also many kids like mine have also taken classes at the community college.

@mhafez01 - re needing a 4.25 to “stand a chance”…that is probably a little too pessimistic…I read that center column to be the average GPA of admitted kids from your local HS. Overall, kids above a 4.2 W&C GPA comprise about 2/3 of the admit class…and kids in that range have much better than average chances of being admitted…that said, the average chance of being admitted is low…and having much better odds is still kinda low too! It’s all relative…but those with a 4.25 (at probably most schools) definitely “stand a chance”…indeed, they’re in the bucket from which most admits come…though being closer to 4.2 is generally gonna be lower odds than higher, naturally.

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