UC Davis Class of 2027 Official Thread

That’s what I was expecting lots of consider when the time comes :blush:


Do they require interview for all regent scholarships?

UC Davis automatically awards the Regent’s Scholarship for in-coming Freshman. UC Berkeley has required an interview and UCLA has required an essay for Regents. The rest of the UC campuses will award the scholarship automatically like UCD.

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I read the faq above, it said letters of recommendation are required, so students must submit recommendations first to be eligible for regent, right? When they will email the invitation?

The FAQ shows different scholarships for Entering Freshman vs. Continuing students.

There is no invite nor LOR’s for Regents, Provost or other UCD based scholarships. Continuing Students require an LOR and those are scholarships you would apply to next year after matriculating.

Entering Students: The UC Application for Admission and Scholarships serves as your application for campus-based scholarships at UC Davis. A minimum 3.25 GPA is required for all applicants for our UC Davis-based scholarships. Unless specifically requested of you, no additional information is needed for you to be considered for scholarships

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Heard on Reddit that Davis regents has come out. Can someone corroborate?

Regents invites for Transfers has been sent. They go through a different process and must be invited and need to submit LOR’s, essays and a resume. Their process is not automatic like for Freshman applicants.


What are the other good ones if I may ask?

This is from a parent of a UCD 2nd year. Our D had two regents offers. Go into UCLA (after waitlist) and UCD. She picked UCD. We did not qualify for any need aid. She earned a couple more scholarships which took her to $12,500 first year and $10k second year. There is no generosity unless you are URM, first in family and an EFC of less than 5000. Given the merit package, the choices were obvious.

Thoughts: Regents are given to about 1-2% of applicant pool - so around 1000 freshman applicant out of 85,000+. If you make below $190k/yr AGI - you could also qualify for middle class scholarship $1000-4000/yr. Your qualifying health insurance knocks another $2700 off per year.

Experience: We’re 4.5 quarters in. My D ditched the dorms and shares an apartment close to campus - all in, it’s about 50% the cost of dorms. First year in the dorms is important to develop socially and communally (Don’t skip). Academics: My D majors in BME - pre/med - not easy, it’s a grind. In order to graduate you have to take 17-19 units quarter. It’s tough to hold a 3.8 GPA and that will not get you a spot on the dean’s list or Latin honors. She’s doing biomed research as a 2nd year and her appointment is through her senior year. Great minds to work with. Her research has legs. Everything is very competitive at Davis - but there’s plenty. You go there to work hard, learn and grow. There is still a social life and I will say the campus community is vibrant. In all, we thought she’d transfer after a quarter - and now she’s thriving. Davis is not for everyone. But it’s home to 42000 students in a town of 25,000. It actually is a really nice place. The cows are adorable - and no, it does not smell.

Verdict: I wish she was closer. But the distance is enabling rapid growth, character building, self-sufficiency and forging of lifelong friendships. Davis is seriously underrated academically. The place does $1.1B in annual sponsored research - that’s more than Berkeley, UCSB and UCSC combined. It is also the only UC to have two #1 majors in US and top 2 in world.

Note to Parents: Your kid will not have time to see you. 10 week quarters are brutal and they don’t have time to entertain you instead of studying.


This is a valuable post. Appreciate it.


I completely concur. My D was waitlisted last year at most UCs and chose Davis over CalPoly SLO. She wanted to go to a city environment so Davis was not on her radar. Fast forward a year and she is thriving! She is double majoring in Design & Cog Sci and hopes to add a minor in Comp Sci to round out her skills as a UX/UI Designer. She has joined 2 UX/Coding clubs one of which she will be on the Board next quarter so she is thrilled. The people she has met already in her first 2 quarters are highly accomplished. Davis is truly the hidden gem of the UCs!


Welcome back! Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

Her interests are really specific and she did a lot of research into which school had the most options and most flexibility for what she wanted to do. I think it is important for applicants (and their families) to spend the time to find out if a program at a specific school is really the right fit for them.


My older son is a freshman at UC Davis and is loving his time there. He got into 3 UC’s (also UCSC and UCSD) and chose Davis because he got his first choice major there (Computer Science) and also because he liked the culture and the location. He has made a number of friends in the dorm, joined a game club he really likes, and has enjoyed exploring Davis and the campus. He likes the supportive culture on campus and the more rural feel. It was definitely the right choice for him! Now his younger brother is applying and fingers crossed he will have the opportunity to attend UCD as well.


Absolutely agree! We did A LOT of research and thankfully it has really paid off:) She will be a guide on Aggie Day if anyone plans to visit!


I recall following your journey last year and I’m so thrilled to hear she’s loving Davis!

I don’t have a link, but the Washington Post ran an article a couple of weeks ago that identified Davis as the most “Collegiest Town” in California. Their definition was “Urban areas where college students make up the highest share of the population.” Note, they are not using full town borders, but the urban areas as defined by the Census Bureau.

Davis ranked #40 in the country, but #1 in California, with 39.5% of the urban area population being UCD students. In CA, a close 2nd was Cal Poly SLO at 38.3%, followed by Cal Poly Humboldt (22.5%), UCSB (20.2%), CSU-Chico (17.9%), and UCSC (17.6%).

I’m sure one can argue with how they came up with their data, but I think the basic idea is to convey Davis’ huge college-town nature.

Another interesting datapoint, Davis ranked #1 in the country for highest Asian-American student population relative to their urban area population, at 14.1%.


Thank you so much, parents of Davis students! Your stories are so heartwarming to hear! We did the college trip of all the UCs last Spring with my Senior, and as soon as we toured Davis, we saw it was the school for him. I never knew much about it, but it truly is a “hidden gem.” Unlike all the other tours, he was at the front, asking questions, looking around, and I could see that he was imagining himself there. As far as we were concerned, Davis has been the ONLY choice for him. We are SO looking forward to decision day (which, I hope is March 10th?) (He is a hopeful Plant Science/Agriculture Major)


My son is also at Davis and is in his second year. He chose Davis over Cal Poly and it has been one of his best decisions. He has had great professors and an easy time getting his classes. He has made great friends and is very active in intramural sports on campus. I have never worried about his safety at Davis. It is a wonderful town and the campus is beautiful. I start this process all over again next fall and I hope Davis is a top contender for my daughter. Good luck to you and your son, I will be thinking positive thoughts for you guys on March 10th ish .


I read an article mentioning that UC Davis received 109,350 applications for Fall 2023, only 0.8% less than last year. 94,608 applied for first-year admission.