UC Davis Class of 2027 Official Thread

Hi Gumbymom, do you have data on instate vs out of state offers in 2023? Does UCD favor more out of state?

I am assuming you are asking about 2022 since we are currently in the 2023 admission cycle?

UCD applications:
California Residents: 65,367
Out of state: 10,748
International: 18,610

UCD admits:
California Residents: 21,139
Out of state: 6,422
International: 8,002

UC 2022 Admit rates for all campuses:

Berkeley 14.5% 8.6% 5.5%
Davis 32.3% 59.8% 43%
Irvine 18.2% 36.6% 21%
Los Angeles 9.2% 8.8% 5.8%
Merced 100% 78.6% 81.7%
Riverside 66% 88.1% 68.%
San Diego 23.8% 31.5% 15.5%
Santa Barbara 26.7% 28,8% 19.7%
Santa Cruz 43.2% 70.7% 55.4%

Just an FYI: The UCD OOS yield/enrollment rate has been around 10% or less for the last few years, so the admit rate is higher for OOS applicants.


Thanks so much, really appreciate it

Hi Gumbymom, is there a specific date for UC Davis to announce their admission offers? The website says Mid-March. Is there a specific date based on your experience of watching this?

For the last few years, UCD has not posted a specific Decision date. Usually it is Mid-March either a Thursday or Friday around 3 PM PST.
Last year was Friday March 11. Only UCB and UCSB posted specific Decision dates last year.

Updated UCD decision date due to typo.

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Last year UCD decisions came out on Friday, March 11 around 3pm.

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Going by that, March 10th, Friday might be a likely announcement date.


Good morning all,

I have a few questions about declaring a major from the Undeclared track, housing and internship opportunities. I would love to hear current or past students’ experiences. Our son is most likely interested in doing Communications but may also want to do an interdisciplinary major - Comm/Economics or Comm/History, etc. For those who have gone through this, what was your experience with advising, etc. - good and bad. Was doing a dual major relatively doable? What were the obstacles?

Also, how does housing work at UCD? How are the off-campus housing options after freshmen year? If accepted for admission, can you sign up for housing before you accept your admission to the University? Is timing of application for housing used for purposes of assignment - meaning, is submission of housing application earlier result in better dorm placement? Is it random assignment or otherwise?

Finally, we love UCD, but we are a bit concerned about transportation and accessibility to San Fran for internships. Would love some insight on that front as well!

Thank you in advance!

A student needs to be admitted and enrolled before they can apply for Housing. After they SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) it will usually take 24 hours to access the Housing application. It is not first come, so as long as the housing application is received by the deadline, the student has a chance at their choice housing selection. Students can find their own roommates but when selecting specifics on the housing types, they need to match all the same criteria. Students also can go random.

UCD does offer 2nd years housing but this is first come and has limited spaces. Many students will move off campus for the 2nd-4th years and there are plenty of apartments available. However, students need to start early in locking in their off campus housing. Usually the students start looking in December/January of their Freshman year. UCD offers Housing Seminars starting in November through February to help students with the process.

Plenty of great information on their housing website: https://housing.ucdavis.edu/returning-students-program/

bit concerned about transportation and accessibility to San Fran for internships.

Why San Francisco specifically? There will be internships available in many places such as Sacramento, San Jose not just SF so I would not be concerned at this point about the logistics.

My son was lucky and had internships/research opportunities in the local area and on-campus. He did interview for 1 internship in the East Bay Area (Hayward) area. They offered a competitive internship salary for 8 weeks but transportation and housing was not covered. He did have a car starting Junior year so transportation was not an issue but housing was very pricey.

His roommate had a summer internship in SF but his family lived in SF so there was no issue for him regarding transportation or housing.

When it comes to internships, they will not be just handed to your student. They need to spend the time finding these opportunities and starting at the career center is the first step. They will have tips/suggestions to aid in the process. This is true for any school that they will attend.

Sorry I cannot answer your first question regarding a double majors but declaring a major is not an issue as long as you follow through with the requirements. The academic advisors are there to help students through the process and students can look up study plans specific for the major/concentration.


Thanks again. You are really amazing for doing all this on multiple threads. The reason for seeking internships in SF is because my son wants to become a journalist and SF is obviously a big media market. One thing we are trying to analyze (in our son’s particular case) is how the distance of UCD campus from SF would impact his ability to get relevant internships. I know the other markets are closer (Sacramento, etc), but opportunities will be more limited there.

The dual/double major track is also important for us, so if anyone has done it at UCD, would love to hear your experience.

I forgot to mention the Davis Berkeley shuttle which can be utilized by the students. Here is the information: Davis-Berkeley Shuttle


My oldest was a Cognitive Science major at UC Davis. I’ll do my best to answer your questions from my perspective.

Are you talking about a double major or a major/minor? Either way, since all of the majors you listed are in the College of L&S, it should be relatively easy. Most department websites have details about declaring a minor and any limitations on number of classes that can apply to both a major and minor (double dipping). For example: Economics

In our experience, advising was just okay. It was sometimes difficult to get an appointment and some advisors were better than others. I told my student to get everything in writing (ex. an email summary of their conversation). We always cross referenced what the advisor recommended with what was listed on the department websites and in Oasis. In one instance, my student showed an email with an advisor’s approval for a course and had his records/Oasis updated to reflect that the course fulfilled a particular requirement.

Doing a dual major in the subjects you mention should be doable, especially if your student starts as a freshman. If your student were a STEM major or trying to combine majors across different colleges, that would be more difficult.

Davis is a college town with enough housing for students. Most students bike but there is also a free bus that some students take to and from school. There are three freshman dorms - Tercero, Segundo and Cuatro. As Gumbymom mentioned, it is not first come, first served. In the past couple of years, UC Davis opened The Green for sophomore/transfer housing. It is a huge complex farther from campus. It is furnished and owned by the university but it is definitely more of a trek to campus. Many choose to find private apartments or houses to rent in the Davis community. Recently large private resort-type apartment complexes, such as Identity, started opening in Davis. That wasn’t around when my student was there.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. My son’s dad lives in the SF area, but Im not as familiar with the school and various nuances, so this is helpful. One more question - do students get free public bus passes to get from campus to surrounding area or is there a discount? Also, I would love to get a better sense of how many internship/part time work opportunities the university offers on campus? Thanks again everyone

The Unitrans bus system is free to UCD students with a student ID. It operates in and around the UCD campus and town.

The Yolobus is also free with UCD student ID. Yolobuses run through the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, and Downtown Sacramento with stops at popular destinations such as UC Davis, Sacramento International Airport (SMF), UC Davis Medical Center, Sutter Health Park, and Cache Creek Casino Resort.

Davis also has an Amtrak train station. The " Capitol Corridor " service with trains about every hour east to Sacramento and west to Oakland/San Jose, and the Long Distance service with one departure daily of the Coast Starlight (north to Portland and Seattle, south to Los Angeles), and the California Zephyr (east to Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha and Chicago).

For internships, my son used the career center, professor recommendations and internet searches. 2 of his professor’s offered him research/internships on or near campus. One was during the summer Junior year (paid) and one was unpaid during the Spring quarter of Senior year. Both related to his major and helpful for his post graduation job hunt.


I would just point out that proximity to Sacramento, the state capital, is likely a huge factor in obtaining amazing opportunities for a journalism student. This article may be of interest to your son: How UC Davis Undergraduates Can Become Journalists | UC Davis


When do the waitlist admits get announced?

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Waitlist admit dates vary from year to year based on the # of students that enroll by May 1.

Last year’s timeline:
1 admit wave on May 5. Closed on June 10.

I will be starting a separate Waitlist discussion thread prior to the decision announcements in March.


Hi there does anyone know how generous UCD is for merit ? We won’t qualify for any needs based and are OOS so I don’t want to spend 72k a year of our son gets accepted . We have some great scholarships from a handful of other universities but I hear UC give next to nothing so I won’t hold my breath. Good luck to everyone

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UCD offers some some merit scholarships such as Regents which is $7500/year and specifically OOS students the Provost Scholarship which is around $13,000/year. These merit scholarships are highly competitive.

Most OOS students should expect to pay full fees at $67K+/year. All UCD Freshman applicants are automatically considered for the Regents and OOS applicants for the Provost scholarships.

Once admitted, continuing students can apply for other scholarships and many are departmental.

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That’s what I was expecting lots of consider when the time comes :blush: