UC Davis Waitlist 2025

Hey guys, who else got waitlisted? Is it new for them to require an essay when you accept a spot on the waitlist? Good luck to all of us in getting off the waitlist:)

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There is no waitlist data from 2020 but here is some from 2019.
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 9213
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 3207
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 24

how many people will get off the waitlist this year?

Hi, yes my son just got waitlisted for Aero. He said, “Now I have to write another essay to be put on the waitlist!” While it’s annoying to him, I am thinking it will weed out those candidates less serious about Davis and hopefully speed up the process.

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Waitlisted for CS. really bummed out ;( and the essay to literally beg for acceptance doesn’t help either.

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It’s hard to tell without knowing the number of students who accept waitlist offer and those who actually accept the admission offer.

Got waitlisted at all UCs so far (UCI, UCSB, UCD). I applied for CS so I guess I am not good enough to get in lol.

Son waitlisted for Comp Sci. Really bummed out and now another essay to write …oh well

I guess we are all waitlisted for CS lol. Very upset


Son waitlisted for Civil. He is waitlisted for UCI, UCD, UCSB, and SLO so far. Hope he will get off waitlisted for one of these!

S waitlisted for CS too. He’s going to pass on Davis. Good luck!

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Wow so many waitlists! I’m sure he will get at least one of them

Another one for CS. I ll pass. Good luck to all CS people out here. One less competition. I d rather focus in enjoying my Summer and getting ready to go OOS.

D21 was thrilled to make the UC Davis waitlist as it means she still has a shot! She has gotten in to some OOS and privates with merit and WL at SLO and UCSC and one other that she opted off as it’s not as good a fit as the others. This is going to be an interesting spring/summer. You wait and you wait . . . and then you still have to wait, but we are very grateful to have options. Let’s hope people decline offers and WL spots they are not interested in ASAP so we can see how the WL SHUFFLE works out.

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CS 4.4 GPA waitlist in-state.

Yet another for CS. OOS. Son isn’t interested in writing another essay and has an acceptance to a school he likes better than Davis, so he is passing on the waitlist.

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Guys I got waitlisted kinda bummed it was one of my tops :frowning:

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My head hurts, this feels horrible. Still blessed though. Does anyone know where to find waitlist data from previous years?

I had the same reaction when I heard that my D got waitlisted at her top choice. But, then I thought, is there any reason to believe that this kind of data from past years would be predictive of this crazy year? Maybe spend the time trying to do something good for yourself instead. We are all in a giant holding pattern.