UC Irvine Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

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A post was merged into an existing topic: UCI Freshman Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

But we are just talking about UCI, not all UC’s. We are OOS, and UCI is perceived as a commuter school and doesn’t have a sports culture, which can make it is less desirable for some OOS kids, say than UCLA.
Also all schools should want diversity…
Parents in all states make this argument. In our area of N. Virginia it’s all about UVA. You should read the threads about OOS admissions! Oh boy, ppl were pissed this year. You’d think any kid admitted from a different state took their kid’s personal spot.

My D didn’t want to even apply there because she doesn’t want to see kids she went to HS with and wants diversity.

80% of freshman live on campus at UCI
Most 2nd years who don’t live on campus live within 2 miles of campus in “college” style housing. UCI is not a commuter school.


It depends on how you define “commuter school.” Many UCI students live on or near campus during the week but go home on weekends. I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “college style” housing. ACC apartments are for students only. Private apartments owned by Irvine Co are a mix of students and Irvine residents.

I know you are out of state and you asked questions about the commuter school reputation up thread. Have you joined the UCI parent FB group?

I got into both UCI and Cal Poly SLO for EE and I’m having some trouble deciding between them. Any help is appreciated.

I’m confused on the housing application. I clicked on “Apply for Housing” and it prompted me to the Housing Portal where it said to fill out the application. There were only a few questions that didn’t specify things like preferred housing or meal plan. I just paid the $20 fee and it says my application is complete. What are my next steps?

They told us in May is when they will send a lot more details and with more questions like preferred dorm, roommate preferences, etc. Zot Zot !

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Just wanted to double check that the fall classes start on Sep 23 right?

Instruction begins on Sept 22 (Thursday). UCI University Registrar - Quarterly Academic Calendar 2022-23

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@lkg4answers , what would you recommend for UCI class of 2026 parent group? I requested to join the Facebook group several weeks ago but nothing happens, any clue? Thank you!

There are two FB groups. One is larger and more active but it is heavily moderated. The team of parent moderators must approve every post and if it is critical of UCI or if they decide it isn’t relevant, they won’t approve it. The link to that group is here.

As a result of the heavy moderation in the group above, a new group was started. UCI Unfiltered Parent Group. It isn’t as active but the moderators don’t require members to only talk about rainbows and unicorns at UCI. :rainbow: :unicorn: :sweat_smile:

Got it, thank you so much, @lkg4answers ! I submitted my request for both. Looks like there is also ’ [UC Irvine (UCI) Class of 2026 - Parents]'.

There is a UC Irvine (UCI) Class of 2026 Parents facebook group. I’m a part of it and it’s very helpful. That’s the full title.

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Thank you!

@ym2022 @wendylop is there a hotel near uc irvine that you recommend to get a feel for off-campus vibe while families tour uc irvine?

There’s a hotel on the outskirts of Fashion Island, which is a large upscale, outdoor mall nearby. (Technically in Newport Beach, but fairly close to campus.) There’s also an Irvine Marriott and several large chain hotels near the OC/John Wayne airport, which is a little further out. The immediate area around the campus is very suburban/lots of housing.

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I am not sure if there is a campus hotel, and the hotels nearby are not walkable to campus. You could also look at hotels near the Spectrum. The Irvine Marriott is in a business district, so not much to do there.

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