UC Irvine or UC San Diego

I have been accepted in a couple of the UCs and with may 1 approaching i’ve never been more confused on where I should attend. I have applied to Irvine as a international studies major and as a Political Science: International relations major in San Diego. Thoughts?

What are your other choices? Neither school does much for me.

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Can you share a little more about yourself and what you are looking for in a school?

yeah, sure thing! I’m from Bahrain:) I’ve been going to a private school all throughout, I would appreciate a close community. I’m into extracurriculars, specifically model UN. I often get carried away and focus on them rather than my studies. I have completed the IB diploma, my Hls are History, Economics, English Lang and lit A, my Sls are Math AI, Ess and Arabic lang and lit A. I have also been waitlisted in Berkeley, if I were to get in, I think I would go for it. I look for a safe environment that would provide me with an opportunity to grow as a person. I do not want a place where I will be forced to study 24/7, I like practical work rather than studying.

University of Redlands, Penn State, University of San Fransisco, UC Davis, UC Riverside, waitlisted in UCB.

Well, Berkeley is great if you can get in. If I had my pick of the ones where you were accepted, UC Davis and Penn State can provide the kind of college experience that I would look at. Penn State is in the middle of Pennsylvania, so there isn’t much around, but the campus and town are great. Geared towards students. State College is 90 minutes from Harrisburg, the state capital.

Davis is also a really nice college town between SF and Sacramento, but much closer to the latter. If politics interest you, Sacramento is a better place to be than Irvine or San Diego. It’s the largest state’s capital and a lot happens there, good or bad.

Both are safe college towns.