UC Irvine Waitlist Discussion Class of 2025

My daughter is in the same boat, had strong credentials but didn’t get in where she wanted and her top choices were UC schools (she’s waitlisted at Irvine). So she, too, is looking at community college for a year and transferring as a junior. She could TAG into Irvine or get another shot at UCLA her dream school.

My understanding is that any California community college has an edge over any other school when it comes to transferring to a UC (versus any four year school or any community college not in CA). You definitely want to encourage your son to talk to a good counselor at a CC who is familiar with the CC to UC pipeline. Some counselors are great and knowledgeable, some not so much. They’ll know what your son has to do. For example, as some people said, UCI doesn’t participate for CS but they do for Math, so if your son followed the requirements for that program he could get in as a math major with guaranteed admission and none of the heartbreak of this year.

Good luck!

Do you still have it or did it disappear?

No! Do you still see it??? How exciting?

Nope! It disappeared for me as well.

will there be a large waitlist wave for uci?

Has UCI taken any students out of the waitlist?

i’ve seen a few get off for certain majors but i haven’t seen a huge wave like last year yet

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Do you know if any students have gotten off the waitlist for political science?

Yup, from word of mouth I believe it was because UCI admissions already noticed enough students declining their offer to warrant drawing students from the waitlist.

oh wow - when did they come off?

There was an engineering wave on April 16th (very small I think)

Nothing since then I believe!


still no movement for anyone? has anyone tried calling the admission office?

same question ^^

I called the admissions office earlier and they said they will be rolling out waitlist decisions this month and next month! wishing for the best for all of us here! :slight_smile:


thanks for asking and sharing! I think we all love uci if we are still here


thank you for calling them and letting us know !!!

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tysm for calling!

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very exciting :smiley: hope its soon!!!

Thank you so much man

Thx for sharing! Hoping it’s soon and good luck to all.