UC Irvine Waitlist Discussion Class of 2025

hi when do yall think they’ll release the final decisions for us ? or will they even this yr :slight_smile:

Do you think accepting UCD would effect my chance for UCI waitlist?


I heard by the second week of May they will contact the waitlist.

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it usually happens on the 7th

No, not at all. They encourage you to do so (accept another offer). Is Irvine your preference over Davis? Both great, but very different. I’m not sure my preference TBH. There’s so much I’m liking about Davis at this point.

Anyone has any update about the waitlist? UCI even doesn’t answer the phone. I heard it might take until July for them to call the waitlist.

I like UCD but I live close to UCI that helps me to stay in the area. I declined UCD. I hope I won’t regret it.

Where did you hear this?

For transfers yes it may take until July
For Freshmen, you guys should be getting off the waitlist by now

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hi has anyone gotten off the waitlist? please let us know here if its okay D:

Where did you hear that ?

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hi im just curious but may u pls reply if u were waitlisted as a nursing major?

Common knowledge for freshmen to get their waitlist decisions first before transfers. This is because of decisions being released to you guys first and transfers have to wait a month later for ours.

Yes - but its too quiet. Getting the feeling the waitlist will not be moved.

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Keeping a positive attitude for this! I’m sure they are swamped with a lot of different things and I’m pretty sure this year is extremely unpredictable so who knows!

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Does anyone else have the “Apply for Housing” button at the bottom of their Applicant Portal?

I don’t remember seeing this…

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i got that too, how about the rest of yall? but i checked again and its gone now

i dont have one

Looks like a lot of moms of girls who got waitlisted for Drama. Fingers crossed but so far we’ve heard nothing.