UC Irvine Waitlist Discussion Class of 2025

Best wishes to your son! There are guaranteed transfer agreements to a UC from the California community colleges by meeting/exceeding requirements for coursework in college, though it is not 100% guaranteed for a specific UC for Computer Science. I did hear from UC Irvine Admissions that it does not accept transfers to CS from a community college. It will require research to figure out which ones currently have programs that will enable future enrollment in CS as a transfer.

I know there is not guaranteed transfer agreement (tag) from community college to UCI for computer science. Are you saying that they do not accept any transfers to CS from community colleges (regardless of the applicant’s strength)?

Hi! I have not checked on all UCs. Just know that for UC Irvine, they do not accept transfers to CS regardless of the CA community college or applicant’s credentials. UCSC will take transfers to CS from DeAnza. The only concern I have is whether the requirements change in the meantime when they are ready to transfer, or if there are availability issues of prerequisite courses for the transfer.

UCI accepts CS transfers but the student cannot TAG for CS at UCI.


UCSC’s website does not show any limitations on CS transfers from any CA community college and they currently offer TAG for CS. This of course can change in the future.

Also just found out from UCSD admissions that TAG is not offered for CS for UCSD, UC Berkeley or UCLA. It would be a competitive admissions process for transfers.

Also UCSB does not accept TAG for CS while UCSD, UCLA and UCB does not participate in TAG for any major.

Heard a couple of people got off for engineering today. Not sure how big the wave was but manifesting for some other acceptances in the next upcoming days.

Where did you hear that?

Heard it from uci 2025 discord and a few reddit posts.

Yes, my son got off the UC Irvine waitlist for engineering. But, Irvine was/is not a top choice for him so he’s declining. Hope that will make someone’s dream happen!

Any news for waitlist acceptances for other majors? We continue to patiently wait, hopefully WL applicants hear back sooner than later.