UC Merced Class of 2027 Official Thread

Welcome prospective Bobcats. It’s that time of year again as the UC application has now opened and submission starts October 1 through November 30. I am @Gumbymom one of the two UC Forum Champions/Moderators. My Co-Forum Champion is @lkg4answers and we are knowledgeable on the increasingly complicated UC admissions process and hopefully we can help any prospective UC applicants with their questions.

UC Merced like all the UC’s are test blind this admission cycle and will use 13 areas of criteria to review Freshman applicants. Each campus will weight the various areas of criteria differently so one size does not fit all. The UC application website has plenty of information that can help determine if UC Merced is a good option when applying. Below is some admit information specific to the school.



NEW* Electrical Engineering, B.S.


  • Very important : Academic GPA, Personal Insight questions, Rigor of secondary school record
  • Important : Extracurricular activities, Talent/ability
  • Considered : Character/personal qualities, First generation college student, Geographical residence, State residency, Volunteer work, Work experience

Use of a fixed weighted Comprehensive review with Academic factors at 70% and Non-Academic factors at 30%.

  • Note : UC Merced is the default campus for ELC eligible applicants (top 9% of CA HS’s) if room is available.

UC Merced admits into the major but will consider alternate majors if first choice is not available.

Best of luck to all applicants and here is a link to the Class of 2026 discussion thread: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/t/uc-merced-freshman-class-of-2026-discussion


If you live in San Joaquin County, Stanislaus County, Merced County, Madera County, Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, Tulare County, the foothills, Salinas or the Greater Central Valley and are interested in medicine, you might check out the BS/MD partnership program that UC Merced has with UCSF.


UC Merced’s Bobcat Day, an open house for admitted students, will be on April 22, 2023. Registration opens on March 1.


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I noticed that I received ELC for being in the top 9% of my class, which says I’ll be admitted to at least 1 UC campus, but not necessarily the once of my choice.
Since UC Merced has the highest acceptance rate of the UC’s, does that imply that I will get in?
And does UC Merced use ELC as one of their more important factors since they are one of the smallest campuses and have the most space for students.

For ELC, the default campus is UC Merced. If after the March UC Decisions, you are not admitted to a UC campus in which you applied, your application will be referred to UCM for consideration if space is available. Not all majors will be offered to referral applicants however.

If you applied directly to UC Merced and are ELC, your chances for admission are high.

ELC is one of the 13 areas of application review criteria used by all the UC’s.


It seems that this has been the case for the last few years - top 9% ELC have gotten admission to Merced.

[quote]And does UC Merced use ELC as one of their more important factors since they are one of the smallest campuses and have the most space for students.

Not sure if it is a specific factor, but if your grades are good enough to be top 9%, you are pretty much assured of acceptance to Merced.

Decisions are out.


As of this morning? I thought they usually wait until the afternoon.

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May be from midnight.I saw people posting midnight on Reddit about their decisions.

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Yep out this morning

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Did they send email to notify? I hope their open house is earlier in the month than others.

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Are the decisions out?

Sister just got in today! Check portal she did not get an email.


My first UC acceptance! Admitted - Bioengineering - UW GPA 3.4 | Extensive competitive soccer extracurricular | Los Angeles


My Son got in today (Comp. Science). Checked portal but no email yet.


My son got Admitted into Bio Program


Congratulations. Do you mind sharing their stats? Curious to know the difficulty.

To all UCM applicant that have received a decision. Please post your stats for future applicants. Congratulations to all!!!

UC GPA’s especially the Capped weighted:
ELC (top 9%):

Comments about course load (including senior year):
Number of UC Approved/AP/IB/DE courses:

Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community service:

State/location of HS (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant):


My son’s uc gpa is 4.08 , ELC

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