UC Personal Insight Questions are not essays?

Just watched this video and it was revelatory: the UC Personal Insight Questions are not essays and should be answered matter-of-factly!

Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/Qmf2_GPQVyU?t=1513

I reviewed other threads on this topic on this forum and did not see any discussion of this fact, so posting this question for confirmation.

Here’s what the video essentially says: The Personal Insight Questions are not essays. That means you don’t use flowery language, no story telling or scene setting or imagery, no metaphors, no introduction or conclusion. Instead you just answer the questions matter-of-factly in plain language as if you’re talking to someone. That’s the opposite of the type of essays most other universities expect!

Before I rewrite all my answers in a new style I would like corroboration. This video is from an official source, but could it be the opinion of one person from one of the UCs? Or is it true for all UCs? Is there any independent corroboration of this guidance?

The personal insight essays are not a creative writing assignment so you should address the questions with information about yourself. Adding some humor and other interesting antidotes can enhance your essays, but I would not go overboard.

I am not in admissions so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I would not rewrite all of your answers. Instead I would read through your answers and see if you answered the prompt as thoroughly and complete as you could? Did you use up your word count on things that weren’t necessary? Could you better use those words to tell more about yourself, your interests and motivations?

Have you looked a the activity section of the application? There is a lot of room to go into more detail there. Don’t leave that section for the last minute.