UC Riverside Freshman Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

ok. how would I confirm if I am accepted off the waitlist though? would i just give them my ucr id and ask them if i got accepted off the waitlist? and also when would I have to do this?

I would not contact UCR admissions until you get an offer from the waitlist and then explain your situation. When are you suppose to start at the college you are currently enrolled? Is it a Community college or a 4 year University?

I would not delay any of your plans in the hopes of being accepted off the waitlist at this point. Although some students have been admitted off the waitlist in some open majors recently, I do not think there will be many more offers to come.

You have decide what is best for you and try to move on.

aye, thank you so much i wouldn’t have checked until tomorrow haha. good luck to you guys!

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wow I got off!

What’s major that you’re on the waiting list? And when did they send you the email?

waitlisted for data sci and offered admission after changing major to physics

did you ask about the transfer to data science criteria after being admitted to open major ? Is it guaranteed transfer ?

did you change your major while you were on the waitlist?

Should you change your major now or after being accepted from the waitlist(

You cannot change your major while on the waitlist. If you are offered a spot with the stipulation of changing your major to an open major as a condition of admission as several applicants have in the posts above, then you can change.

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Hey Gumbymom, do you think they are offering conditional major change acceptance to candidates they were planning on rejecting or candidates they don’t want to reject?

I’m still on the waitlist and if offered admission I would still attend UCR

I’ve been digging all over the internet and there’s all sorts of opinions

  1. It’s bad because colleges are just waiting for the “summer meltdown” just in case there’s a good amount of students who withdrawal or don’t show up last minute

  2. It’s a good thing because current students still on the waitlist are top candidates but I have not seen anyone get taken off the waitlist so not too sure

Please let me know your thoughts

The waitlists are being handled completely different this year. In the past, they would not reject some applicants and leave others hanging. I would contact UCR admissions and state you are willing to attend with another open major. Maybe they will consider it.