UC San Diego Freshman Class of 2027 Waitlist/Appeal Thread

Hi - my daughter opted in to the waitlist, but I don’t think she was asked to submit a 200-word statement, as mentioned in the link you shared (see photo). Is that still a thing?



Sorry, there is no longer a waitlist essay. Which link are you using since I checked my original post and I do not mention anything about a waitlist essay?

I am looking at the link you shared above https://registrar.ucsd.edu/studentlink/admitfaqnfrswait.pdf#page4

The top of that page says you need to submit a 200-word statement when you opt in to the waitlist (but I now notice that the date on that document is 2011)

Thanks the link has been removed.


Thank you for all that you do - you are amazing!!


What are the chances for Waitlisted OOS students?

The waitlist data does not breakout admits by residency. If UCSD does not reach their target OOS admission yield, then they can admit OOS applicants. If they exceed their target, then they will not admit from the OOS pool.

Waitlists are all about Institutional priorities and need. My advice to all waitlisted applicants is to get excited about the schools that accepted you and move on. If admitted from the waitlist, then it will be icing on the cake.

Remember UC’s offer little to no financial aid to OOS students so expect to pay full fees at around $67K/year to attend and tuition costs will be going up next year.

Love the schools that Love you back.


Looks like 0 admits in 2021 might be a pandemic related aberration.
Any idea what really happened?
Is it unreasonable to expect 2020 & earlier conversion rate (30%) for UCSD waitlist?

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Yes, 2021 numbers are off due to the pandemic. The waitlist numbers vary from year to year so I would not try to make a prediction. So far this year has been very competitive for admissions again, so UCSD may see its yield go up.

Do you know if you can appeal the “undeclared major”? My daughter applied CS and got in undeclared. She got accepted to SLO and UCLA CS, so she has good options. She’s interested in research and the UCSD campus/culture might be more of a fit.

Any idea if you can appeal the major? Or is there a possibility that spots open up in CS and she’d be moved from undeclared to CS prior to May 1?

No you cannot appeal the Undeclared major. You can only appeal a denial from the University as a whole. Did she not select an alternate major for UCSD? For UCSD, they admit into the University first, then into the primary major, alternate major or Undeclared. If CS is the major she wants to pursue, then she needs to move onto those schools that accepted her into CS.


Thanks for the quick reply and your knowledge and input on many things across the UC’s/CS!

She did pick a 2nd major CS Bioinformatics (also impacted). I know you suggested picking an alternate major that wasn’t impacted.

It looks like her option for CS at UCSD is start undeclared, get the 3.3GPA and then play the lottery to move into CS with a ~20-30% chance.

They changed the CSE change of major requirements.

Starting in Fall 2022, the incoming CSE class is growing and it will be hard (if not impossible) for students to switch into CSE majors if they are not admitted directly.

CSE Capped Admissions Process | Computer Science.

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Is there any additional information or references or communications that will improve your chance of coming off the waitlist at UCSD?

Are college preferences considered for anyone coming off the waitlist?

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For UCSD, you opt into the waitlist and move on. They do NOT accept any documentation, emails. LOCI etc….

How the UC’s admit off the waitlists is depending upon their specific needs and priorities.

Thanks for the info.

I edited my response and it should state they DO NOT accept any additional documentation. My mistake since I was typing to fast on my phone.

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If you are waitlisted can you also appeal?

No, you cannot appeal if you are on the waitlist.

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My son has been offered waitlist options for multiple campuses and has accepted for all of them. If he is offered admission to UCD in early June and accepts the offer, then offered admission from UCSD in late June, can he then decline UCD and accept UCSD? Or is he only allowed to accept admission from one UC waitlist?