UC Santa Barbara Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is great info! Thank you :slight_smile: Those GPAs are scarily high, almost Berkeley/UCLA level.

@gumbymom it seems like UCSB has finally updated their institutional data portal. it has a lot of juicy admissions data here. For example, the average overall admitted GPA was 4.41 for Fall 2022, up from 4.30 in 2020!

Also they have yield figures as well.

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Hi @Edward_Ding, I think it’s really cool that you were able to see your reviewed application! I’m a current UCLA freshman and I’m very curious to see mine. Could you tell me how you were able to submit your FERPA request and gain access to your application?

Have people received their UCSB portal sign up emails yet? My student got one for every UC applied to except UCSB so far.

The Fall 2023 portal is not open. Our team is hard at work preparing our systems to review the applications of student scholars such as yourself. Application acknowledgements will be sent in mid-December with instructions for accessing the UCSB applicant portal which will open early January.


Is the Number of Honors|AP|IB Courses each semester or per school year? For example if I took AP Calc BC in 1st and 2nd semester of Junior year would it be 2 AP courses? And if I took 1 semester course of AP Government and 1 Semester course of AP Macro would the two together be just one course?

newbie here - mom of a HS senior. We are OOS and my son just received an email from a CCS math professor inviting him to apply to CCS. He applied to UCSB as a computer sci.

Don’t know much about CCS but is this a good sign re: likely admission to UCSB? All info/replies appreciated!


These type of emails have been sent by UCSB CCS for the last several years.

The CCS faculty are recruiting applicants, so that email means that the student is competitive and has shown interest in this subject area. This email does not indicate a greater chance of admission to UCSB.

If your student is interested in CCS, they should definitely apply. CCS is a highly competitive admission with a 21% admit rate for 2022 although the admit rate for the College of Engineering was 22% so not much different but CCS had a much smaller pool of applicants.

If you are applying to CCS before you know your UCSB Admissions Decision and would like to be admitted to CCS, you must list CCS as one of your two applied majors on your UC Application. If you did not list a CCS major and are now applying to CCS, you must contact the Office of Admissions to change your major.

Thank you @Leafmom. I was about to post the same question.

Thank you @Gumbymom

When it says that you must list CCS as one of your two majors, does it matter whether it is listed as first or second choice? Since the CCS admission process is separate, we aren’t sure how it works.

For example, my son listed Chemical Engineering as his first choice, and CCS Chemistry as his second choice. Will CCS consider his application in parallel with Chem E? If both Chem E and CCS happen to accept him, would he be offered a choice between the two options?

Based on what UCSB CCS states regarding majors:

For Fall UCSB applicants, the College of Creative Studies cannot inform applicants of decisions on their CCS applications until the University of California Santa Barbara has mailed the campus’ admission/deferral letters in March. CCS decision letters follow immediately thereafter. A denial from CCS does not negatively affect your admission to one of the other colleges at UCSB.

It would appear they will evaluate applicants for admission to UCSB first based on the other College’s majors listed if first choice so Chemical Engineering first, then the CCS major in this instance.

You can contact CCS info@ccs.ucsb.edu if you have any questions about CCS or the admission process.

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I’ll add that CCS only has a couple of staff members. If they don’t respond, you might follow up with a second email.


Thanks! We don’t plan to bother the CCS staff members. It’s fine for my son however it ends up. He is just curious how it works. He wants to be involved in materials science research, and he is not really sure whether CCS Chemistry would be the right place for that, but it seems like a possibility because CCS allows for a lot of flexibility for students to pursue their research interests. He is explaining what he wants to do as best as he can in his CCS essay, and he will just leave it up to them whether he is the type of student that they want to admit.


Is that a 21% percent admit rate of everyone who applied to CCS regardless of their UCSB admission outcome or 21% of eligible applicants which would be the subset of total applicants who were admitted to UCSB as a whole and therefore capable of being admitted to CCS?

Do they publish any admit rates by CCS major or is there any data on the size of each major if they are not all equal (which would demonstrate approximately how many slots there are)?

The admission data was from the UC Counselor conference which did not specify if that number was from all CCS applicants or a subset.

This was the information given:
1840 applicants and 383 admitted. Average admit GPA was 4.37.

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Thanks @Gumbymom! Re: the email does not indicate a greater chance of admission to UCSB - I wonder how many kids that get this recruitment email are denied admission to UCSB? Because even tho the email does not have a direct link to the admission decision process, it seems like being recruited would indicate you have a good chance of getting in.

Does that make sense or am I just being a wishful-thinking mom?

I got it too. I applied to Comp Sci and I have little interest in majoring in maths at CCS. Should I ignore or acknowledge it?

If you are not interested in CCS, then ignore the email.

I am not aware of any data in regards to how many students are sent the email and then denied admission. Unless anyone knows the criteria for whom and why the emails are being sent, I would say it is more of a marketing tool.


I got accepted ED, but if the portal comes out in January what should I do till then?