**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

Well, I have a habit of “reading too much” into just about everything, not that I believe it, just looking for layers of meaning. If a letter says “we hope to see your student on campus” isn’t that strictly inaccurate if they really don’t meet admissions requirements at all and maybe they really don’t hope to see them after all.

Again, I assume it went out to everyone, but it still had a psychological effect. Now it’ll be a bigger disappointment if he is not accepted. (Just being a nervous parent here.)

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I forgot to mention that although gyms are presently closed, I’ve talked to my gym buddy a lot about UCSC, since he’s a recent graduate. He loved his time there and has a great job at publicly-listed local tech company. A sample of one, but a data point for me.


I lived in Santa Cruz myself some years back in walking distance of Seabright Beach, which was very nice. I work in Silicon Valley, but I love Santa Cruz (not the commute though). UCSC is a bit far from the beach, the campus (well I not been there many times and not lately) makes me think of the forest moon of Endor from Star Wars. I am not sure I would have liked it as a student, but it certainly has a distinct feel to it.

The other thing to maybe think about is that while applications increased to the entire UC system, I have a feeling that applications to UCSC, Riverside and Merced may have dropped. Pure speculation based on what was reported about the CSU campuses.

All CSU campuses had a 5% decrease, IIRC, but SLO (the top CSU) reported a 4% increase.

Without test scores in the admissions process, applicants appear to be shooting higher. Maybe UCSC is attempting to “salve the wound” of their lower # of applications this cycle (GUESS). But I don’t know this for fact, so I’m just speculating.


I think you are correct. Also it is my understanding that UC may have received more applications from fewer applicants. That is an important nuance. This is consistent with what you are articulating above in that folks may have thrown in their hat at a UCLA, Berkeley etc as reach options perhaps stemming from the test blind reviews. I expect that means yield for some schools may again be down as it was in 2020.

That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about the increased UC apps from that perspective.
My son was only interested in 2 UCs and only applied to those 2.

While D18 had a much more targeted approach to her UC apps back in 2017, D21 applied to several more UC’s than D18 due to increased uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the potential of remote learning this fall. I’m sure we’re not alone.

S19 attends UCSC so if anyone has any questions specific to the school I would be happy to answer. Btw S19 nor I ever received such an email must certainly be specific to the pandemic.

You should take a look at this: COVID-19 alters the college application season in California - Los Angeles Times
UC’s had a 15% increase in applications and “UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz said they were startled by the flood that came in shortly after the system began accepting them Nov. 1.” Just based off of this statement alone, I think it’s safe to say that UCSC will get a lot more applicants than previous years.

did anyone get an email for being eligible for the dean’s award? is it a good sign or does everyone get it?

I got that mail, and it says it’s “an award that you will automatically be considered for if you are accepted to UC Santa Cruz.” and at the top of the mail, it said you are eligible for it. I’m thinking it is a good sign but let’s see what the other’s gotta say

Hello everyone! I remember early acceptances were sent in February of last year, can we expect the same thing to happen this year? UC Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara are my two dream schools so I’m a little anxious to hear back.

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I think that the week of Feb 22 would be a typical time that we’d hear from Santa Cruz, but there’s nothing typical about this year so it’s hard to say if they will follow past practice. I certainly hope so!


Great to hear! Hopefully we’ll be hearing back from them in the next couple of weeks!

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Where do you look to verify that Santa Cruz received your FAFSA. I keep getting email reminders to send it in to various UC schools which I’ve done already.

Does anyone know whether UC Santa Cruz releases decisions all at once or in waves?

They use to release on one day over several hours based on Last name however, they have been releasing decisions in waves the last few years. All you can do is wait and see if they notify applicants how they plan to proceed this year.

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I have been looking through some forums and such and have found that there could be some admission decisions rolling out as early as next week. Of course we don’t know for sure due to Covid and crazy times but we can hope!! Good luck everyone!!

Doubtful I will get in but hoping for the best!! I have a 3.5 gpa and good amount of ECs. What do you think? Nervous😬


Last year it came out in 2 waves I think based on forums I read. One late February and then another mid March.

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Good luck. I was accepted with 3.59 weighted gpa, 1270 SAT, 5/10 essay, and lack of ECs. A friend of mine got accepted with around 3.19 weighted gpa. Our major is impacted ( engineering and business) and the admission is kinda random