**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

I am an UCSC student right now. ^ happened last year, haha, the decisions are not released yet. Chill when u saw my comment


I have been thinking we’d start to hear from UCSC this week based on past years, but I see this on their web site: “For fall quarter acceptance, most notices are sent March 15–31 for freshmen.”
Now I’m not so sure.

I believe some were accepted this week last year but most decisions were released in March.

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I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for posting. That’s very late for UCSC. It seems like as we approach March 1, many schools are delaying things.

I do not think anyone has received an admission decision from UCSC since at least one person would have posted this information here on CC. I also believe that the extended deadline is pushing the decisions out a few weeks further. Hopefully next week, applicants will hear something.

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I have not heard of anyone receiving a decision this year. I was referring to this week one year ago.

Btw, thanks so much. I’ve learned a lot from your past posts.


The portal says, "Our notification of admission decisions will begin at the end of February and conclude no later than March 20. "


My mistake. I misread your post. I will update my reply.

My son just checked his portal and saw that he was admitted today. We’re in the East Bay Area.



What are his stats and major?

Computer Engineering. GPA 4.0, UC weighted 4.7 (I think?) and don’t know UC capped. He’s in class right now.


Congratulations! Did he get an email notifying him or did he just checked the portal?

No email, just checked his portal because he had heard somewhere that UCSC starts admitting at end of February.

nothing yet for my son. maybe the high GPA kids get notified first?

accepted for molecular, cell & developmental biology
i’m in-state; sent in scores (lmk if u want the rest of my stats ig LOL)
a lot of my friends have their apps under review still, so everyone that hasn’t heard back, stay positive! and congrats to those who got in!


yes, what are your stats please?

Congrats! (FYI.They were not allowed to consider your scores. )

Getting very nervous. I have a 4.5 weighted, 4.13 capped UC GPA, 3.95 UW GPA, 1510 SAT, 800 math 2 subject test and haven’t heard back yet.