**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

Regardless of whether you got accepted or waitlisted, OR rejected I just want to say this…I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU ALL. You’ve gotten this far and I know that you are going to KILL IT, ABSOLUTELY KILL IT, at any college you go to because you are all bad bxtchs


Nope, no emails!

Same as you- we will see about UCSB tomorrow but if that does not pan out she got into the exact program- Forensic Behavior Science- that she was hoping for at one of the schools so we will see

Oof. Daughter was waitlisted for Environmental Science. 4.1 GPA, 6 APs. Lots of interesting extra curriculars. We were pretty sure she was going to get into this one. This is our second waitlist after Cal Poly SLO. Now she’s afraid she’s not going to get into any place she applied in California. Waiting on SDSU and UCSB.

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when i got in a few weeks ago, i got an email around 4pm! and i think the portal was updated around 1, so it came a few hours after

Just got waitlisted. Not sure what to feel rn. I also got waitlisted at slo and right now im feeling that I wont get into a single school if ucsc has just waitlisted me.

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Same for my son. Now I’m getting very nervous. Still waiting on 3 more decisions.

Accepted for Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

It’s general knowledge that: a) apps have dramatically increased to the UC’s and b) colleges will be LIBERALLY using their waitlists to backfill classes, as seats open up when applicants chose their preferred (over UCSC) colleges.

Patience. My D is extremely fortunate to be holding her “golden ticket” to SLO.

Thank goodness. :pray:


nothing in my portal : (

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Same for my D for Psychology. Second UC school waitlist. Not looking good.

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Congratulations! Good for you. Would you mind sharing stats? There are a lot of waitlisted for Psychology on this thread, and it would be interesting to find out what it took to get in. Are you in state or OOS?

They are most likely going to pull from wait lists more than before. This is a crazy year.

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Same, D21 waitlisted at SLO and now UCSC. We are surprised about both. Her GC told us they are seeing whacky stuff this admission season. its not fun and certainly doest feel fair after loosing their senior year on top of all of this. It’s insane how hard it is for great California students to get accepted in state.


waitlisted polisci

Hmm waitlist at Santa Cruz…but accepted at Irvine

Thank you so much!:sob: I’m an international applicant actually, but I can derive California residency from my dad. According to SDSU my CSU GPA is a 3.8/4.0, (which they calculated from my percentage and marks) which will be the same for weighted, unweighted and capped for me since I don’t have any kind of weightage in my courses ( they’re standardized). I’ve also had my GPA classified as 4.0 in other colleges so, 3.8-4.0 I suppose?

I had a solid 99.8% percent in psychology my last 2 years and my overall percentage was average 90+ for 4 years together, 95+ last two years. I did multiple extracurriculars ( which were quite limited where I come from but I took every opportunity), including soccer, olympiads, yearbook, 2 Northwestern writing courses in, multiple internships, and many other psychology, writing and graphic designing related extracurriculars. My essays were decent, probably 7.5/10, a couple may 8.5/10.

Same here. Got into UCI yesterday for CS but got waitlisted here. Super bummed right now.

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D21 is in class, can’t (won’t) check her portal…

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still nothing for me either… :((