**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

Reminder to post your stats here: **UC Santa Cruz Class of 2025 Decisions (Stats only)** - #15 by ig364728

Trying to help out future banana slugs figure to see what it takes to get in. This was valuable information for me, so I want others to have it as well.


Just got my acceptance right now!! ( business management economics )

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Nothing for me yet… nervous. Could mean a denial.

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admitted for marine bio! very relieving haha

My last name begins with Z.

This year system is completely unpredictable! Objectively, UC Irvine has a lower acceptance rate, so one would think UCSC is a guarantee if you get accepted there, but it can’t be said for sure. With the applicant increase , test optional policy, lower extracurriculars senior year, more in state applying etc, the competition is insanely INSANELY high. I wouldnt fret too much. Maybe they just thought you were too good for them and thought you UCB or UCLA bound :wink:


have there been any rejections yet?

Very true points. I’m expecting UCSC’s acceptance rate to drop to around 35% this year since over 200 people last year were able to defer their enrollment and because they heavily overenrolled.


Congrats to all who got accepted. And whoever’s waitlisted, just hold on and you might be a banana slug soon. International student here, got accepted for astophysics during the first wave :smile:


does anyone know or think there will be more releases today? or will i have to wait until friday

and congratulations to everyone who got accepted or even waitlisted :slight_smile:

Son was just accepted to Art: Game Design.


Does ucsc admit by major or by college?

I believe only the college of engineering accepts by major.

Is it possible to get off the waitlist before May 1st?

S admitted proposed CS - in state. Good luck to all on the waitlist and awaiting more UCs.

That’s so awesome! That’s my daughter’s proposed major. We don’t know yet. She said there is something in her portal but she doesn’t want to check until her class is over. I can hardly breathe…


Friend admitted proposed music

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Just checked Portal: Admitted, Economics!

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For those who were accepted, on the messages tab, how many messages were displayed ?