UC Santa Cruz Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

Thank you for sharing this! I do have a question that perhaps @Gumbymom can address: I understand that the UCs for the most part do not admit by major. However with such detailed data for each major’s applicants, admits, etc., is it fair to say that indicated majors on applications are considered as part of the holistic review process?

I think impacted majors such as CS are pretty much admit by major. In general, college of engineering will use a major-specific admissions process.

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Yes, definitely the case for CS/Engineering, but I’m curious about all the other majors…

I would go to the site of the academic department of interest within each UC and see if the major is impacted. If its impacted, then it will likely have a major specific admit process. A major could be capped in some UCs but not capped in others.

For what its worth, here’s the detailed breakdown I did for CS. My one takeaway from the data is that even UCSC tends to internally look at applicants through the lens of the uncapped UC GPA.

In general, people say UCSC is not a slam dunk for high stat applicants for CS. This data shows that is not the case. Although looking at applicant trends, there was 10x increase in applicant volume for the >4.40 GPA bucket indicating that the pool is becoming more competitive rapidly.



For UCSC specifically, Engineering majors are admitted by major into the Baskin School of Engineering where CS resides.

In general, if the major is in the College of Letters and Sciences, they do not admit by major. If the major is in the College of Engineering, they admit by major. UCB and UCD are the only UC’s which offer a CS major through the College of Letters and Sciences. UCB has a secondary admission process to declare CS. In UCD’s case, CS and CSE are in the Department of Computer science. CSE admits by Academic Department so it appears to be admit by major for CS like the rest of the Engineering majors.

If you check this post, it spells out how each UC campus admits Freshman applicants.


any possibility of decisions this Friday?

Last time was 3rd Saturday so could be the 19th. I would expect decisions to start rolling within the next week.

Thought it came out March 15 last year.

Last year, it was in a wave starting 02/22. See the post below.


Thanks. Have not had good luck with rolling this year. gonna assume mar 20.

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Is there a method to the roll out ie. high stats first or by certain schools/majors or is it totally random ? Having gone through this 3 years ago the UCI rolling admissions was very painful…really wish they could just rip the bandaid off, all in one fell swoop so everyone knows where they stand…

Always seem to roll for others

Yes. Saw that at Penn St and Rutgers. By the time it rolled out in Penn St, University Park was full and the only thing you could get was 2+2.

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can we expect something this coming monday?

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Maybe Tuesday

Has UCSC announced anything on social media that confirms when decisions will start rolling out?

No, but last year students on Twitter reported receiving decisions as early as Feb. 22nd and as late as April 1st.


my prediction is that first wave will be the 22nd (tuesday) since Monday is a holiday

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And in 2020, the first acceptance was on Feb 24th which was Monday (4th Monday)