UC Santa Cruz is like a ghost town

We drove up to visit UC Santa Cruz for my son this weekend to just see the campus. It is gorgeous but we didn’t see any students. We saw more deer than students and it seemed like the campus was closed?? Other UC schools have students living on campus so I am confused. Does anyone know why Santa Cruz is empty??

Total housing capacity is at about 9,300 beds. This spring, only about 1,500 of those beds are occupied, according to UCSC spokesperson Scott Hernandez-Jason.

About 5,000 students are believed to be living in the surrounding community, suggesting the majority of UCSC’s more than 19,000 students are continuing to study from afar.

UCSC is a ghost town right now. There are only about 1.5k students living on campus so it’s not remotely close to what it’s typically like. It’ll be somewhat back to normal when Fall 2021 begins as several thousand more people will move in.