**UC Santa Cruz Waitlist Class of 2025**

I completely agree. We are thrilled that she is staying at Davis. Incidentally, I got my BA at Santa Cruz and my grad degree at Davis. Haha. I think it’s the best environment for her. I just think it’s sad that by relying on the waitlist strategy they lost out on a good student who might have chosen them over the ‘more selective’ school. But regardless, any UC will provide a high quality education so she couldn’t make a wrong choice.
Good luck to everyone! I hope her decline frees up a spot for one of you who have applied to this program

He is now leaning toward UCSC due to the proximity to home and Silicon Valley in general which may be useful for internships in the future. Madison is higher ranked for CS (and overall) but likely may not make a lot of difference in career prospects (either job or graduate studies). The $21k/year savings will definitely be nice as well. For the big classes, from what I understand, they will be taking them online rather than in person (due to Covid restrictions) - in which case 40 students vs 200 students will not make a lot of difference.

It’s my understanding they will be back to full capacity this fall. Dorms and classes.

Our granddaughter, like another poster in this thread, has decided to stick with the local community college first and look at going for a transfer to UCLA or LMU. She really wants to go to LA rather than Santa Cruz and she sees the CC route as her best way to get there. Best wishes to all, and if there is another Theater Arts major out there waiting in the waitlist wings, at least one spot will open in the next round.


Can we switch? :slight_smile: My son has submitted the housing and tuition deposit to LMU but is still hoping to get off the waitlist for UCSC. If only it could be that easy.


Hi, regarding career prospects, have you seen this?

That is so funny. At this point I think she has made her decision. I hope your son enjoys LMU or UCSC, whichever he ends up deciding upon.

my son is LMU bound as well and got waitlisted at UCSC and UCI and rejected at the balance of the UCs (although he was admitted to Merced despite not applying). I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

LMU is very different than UCs. Private Catholic vs Big Public!