**UC Santa Cruz Waitlist Class of 2025**

I did! I was wondering what the precedent is for the release of those decisions, I know it says sometime before April 20 but it would be nice to know if they all happen in a day, or if they release as they review each individual appeal.

My daughter appealed and received an email two days ago saying they received her appeal, and would let her know by April 20th…

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Same here! They emailed me yesterday to tell me I forgot my transcript from all of high school, but are still going to consider once I turn it in!! This means they’ve started looking at them ahhhhh! I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you! I got a similar response from them :slight_smile:

Even if your waitlist appeal doesn’t work do y’all think that doing it makes you higher up on the list?

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My counselor said that an appeal definitely won’t HURT my spot on the waitlist, but she didn’t say if it could move someone up so idk, I hope so though

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my son received the same email on the “received appeal”. the only thing that is weird is his portal no longer shows waitlisted - it just shows under appeal. i assume that’s the same for everyone.

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yeah my portal says that as well


Same thing with my daughter… Hopefully we’ll hear either way, soon.

To do an appeal, does one have to have something big or profound that’s happened in last 4-5 months for them to consider it? I thought I read that somewhere. Or maybe something like your application was missing something? I’ve also heard that it can be seen as kinda buggy…is that true?

Here are some valid reasons for appealing a decision either denial or waitlist, courtesy of Ms. Sun.

Generally, for your appeal to have merit, you must prove that you are a much stronger applicant than what was presented in your original UC Application. Again, when the UCs ask for “new and compelling information,” they are asking for information not previously available to the admissions office (not necessarily information that is recent; in fact, most UCs have stated that recent developments are generally not considered to be “new” information).

Examples of new and compelling information may include extraordinary hardship or exceptional talent. You can discuss these things in your appeal as reasons for the UCs to reconsider you. Make sure you describe exactly how the exceptional talent qualifies you for UC admissions or how the hardship prevented you from performing to your full academic potential.

The objective of your appeal should be why you are an excellent candidate for the UCs and how you expect to excel in college (and what resources at the UCs you intend to utilize in order to succeed). Avoid badmouthing anyone or any institutions (high school, other colleges, etc.) and do NOT brag about the other colleges that have made admission offers (UCs generally encourage students to take the offers they already received and skip the appeal). Be concise and don’t exaggerate or try to be dramatic. Follow through with a backup plan in case the decision is not reversed.

This content is copyrighted and retrieved from UC Freshman Appeal Guide | Ask Ms. Sun

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Good luck to all on the waitlist! What is the title of the email about the waitlist notification? Thank you!

For UCSC it allowed you to appeal if you had a significant improvement in your senior grades

I guess the deadline was March 31st for appeals!

Anyone get off the waitlist? I’m waitlisted for UCSC and Cal Poly SLO. I saw a couple posts on Cal Poly that they got off waitlist. I’m still waiting but have deposit at another school I will most likely go to.

I haven’t heard anything about the UCSC waitlist, but I know appeal decisions will start coming within the next week.

Does anyone know what their general policy is for releasing decisions on weekdays/weekends? Or is it safe to assume they’ll release them on Tuesday the 20th?

Why Tuesday the 20th?

they said they’ll announce APPEAL decisions by the 20th. Im personally (so take this with a grain of salt) predicting it’ll be Monday the 19th, as they seem to have a pattern of releasing admissions decisions on Monday’s. Waitlist admissions probably won’t start until AT LEAST May 3rd. Again, this is just from me scrolling through previous CC forums, no solid evidence!