UCAS and Predicted Scores

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We worked with our son to navigate the UCAS last weekend, and the system wasn’t having any aspect of predicted scores for his SAT subject tests. He could list a test with a future date, but the system wouldn’t acknowledge any score — saying that it couldn’t take a score with a test date in the future. Wondering if the system might have changed this year? I’ve seen plenty of advice about predicting scores, but nothing we could found would allow him to do that in a given section.

He can’t predict for himself: his recommender has to do it. It’s on the form his named recommender gets.

His recommender is called his “referee” in British English, just in case there was any confusion about that. Is he doing any AP Tests? MyD22 is dead set on going to university in the UK somewhere so we have been doing a lot of research.

He’s not doing any APs, no. There weren’t any being offered at his school that were particularly relevant to his interest in History. He’s loaded up on a wide range of history courses that he can take at the highest levels offered (honors).

Has he got enough SAT subject tests to compensate?

I think they slightly prefer APs, but most say they will take SAT subject tests too. I was just talking with my D22 about this. She goes to a very small school with limited number of APs. She is doing AP US History this year (junior year), but they don’t offer AP European History so we were chatting about taking it online or maybe doing self-study for it. She will have APUSH this year, then next year, AP Eng Lit, and AP Psych or maybe the AP European History online or maybe both. She is looking to do a English+Creative Writing course in the UK, possibly joint honors with History.

What unis is he interested in?

Hi! I’m applying to LSE, UCL, KCL, U. of Edinburgh via UCAS as an international relations major. I’m struggling with predicted grades. Are they just my predicted AP test scores for this year? Do I include my grades in my classes?

@fionamiller2021, they are only interested in standardized test scores- APs / SATs / Subject Tests, not your classroom grades.

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Super sorry for the late reply! He’s applied to St. A’s, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Trinity Dublin and Kent at Canterbury. We were able to visit before Covid hit and he really liked them all. Currently holding conditional offers at Kent and Glasgow … waiting on the rest. He was able to fill in the gaps with SAT Subject Tests. Very fortunate that our local HS was able to preserve their SAT dates this fall … and they made a point of ensuring proctors for all the students needing those SAT-S tests.

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Indeed. He was able to snag the required SAT subject tests to make this whole thing worth while. A tough requirement to get through in this pandemic year with so many cancelations of tests across the country. Lining up your standardized tests is a must, it seems, for applying to UK schools — and American students facing a test-optional future at a large majority of schools will really have to make a concerted effort to sit for tests if APs aren’t reachable at their local schools …

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