UCAS Education Section Questions (please help soon!)

Hello, I am an American senior in high school, I really need help on my UCAS application, and I do not have much time, as my application is due on October 15 since one of the colleges I am applying to is the University of Oxford. I spoke to an advisor from the Across the Pond company, but she said that she wouldn’t be able to answer my questions since I am not applying to one of their partner schools. I have been doing a lot of research, but I have not found clear answers. Now I feel extremely stressed because I have no idea what to put on the Education section of the application. My issue is that I am in an early college program where I will graduate with a high school diploma as well as an associate degree from a community college. I have entered two schools- my high school and the community college I am attending. I do not know how I would enter the classes I have taken. Here are my main questions:

  1. Do I enter the community college classes I have taken under my associates degree section? I ask this because some of my high school classes and college classes were intertwined. For example, for both my high school diploma and my associates degree, there was a requirement for two Spanish classes; I had the option of choosing to take those classes at either the high school or the college. I chose to take them at the college, but they also fulfilled the high school requirement.
  2. Do I add classes I am taking next semester and list the grades as pending?
  3. Do I enter the grades as letters (such as A, B, etc.) or the exact number?
  4. Do I need to include classes that I have taken since I was 11 years old/in middle school? I read an article that said to list your education history since the time you were 11 years old, but I do not know if this is true. If so, what would I list the qualification as (since for my high school I entered "high school diploma")? Would I need to include end of year exams and scores from middle school as well?

If there are any advisors reading this or American students who have applied to UCAS in the past who can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

You don’t need to include every class you’ve taken since the age of 11, that part just means which schools you attended.

In the UK there is just primary and secondary school, no middle school, so you start secondary school around 11/12. As @Conformist1688 said, it just means what schools you attended.

Dual entry courses are problematic, b/c (technically) if it was required for your HS degree it counts as HS, but in real life they don’t much care. They will consider all that you have done as being simply HS by another name. IF you used the CC classes as a way to take more advanced classes in the subject you are applying to study, you or your recommender should point that out.

What will matter is your standardized testing.

Thank you for your help! I have filled out my education section now, but I am wondering if I should ask my recommender to include the predicted grades for the classes I am taking this semester and next semester. I know that the predicted standardized testing scores are a must, but since I listed the grades for the classes I am currently taking and the ones I am taking next semester as pending, I am conflicted about whether I should include the predicted grades so that the admissions officers who read my application have all of the information that they need and are not left wondering what my pending class grades are.

What are most important are your existing and predicted AP scores… you have these, yes?

My high school does not offer AP classes, so I am submitting three SAT subject tests plus the general SAT as an alternative. My recommender has already included his predictions on what scores I will receive on those tests in his letter, so is that all right?

Yes that’s great… good luck!