UCAS Reference Letter Help

I’m a USA high school student applying for biology to multiple schools in the UK including Oxford. I have some questions about the LoR. I understand that the referee must also add predicted grades, however I saw someone say that as long as the referee can attest to academic ability it would be fine. With that in mind, could I have the bio professor I interned under write me a LoR? I can ask my bio teacher, but he tends to just ask students for a list of accomplishments then lists them, and isn’t known for writing amazing reference letters. Alternatively, I can ask my math teacher who I have a great relationship with. Overall, I want to know if I can ask a professor to help me with a reference letter, as he understands my ability the most and will write me the best one.

Your school must predict scores for any exams you are taking this year.

Read this on writing LoRs from UCAS:


And from Oxford:


The good part is that the UK is not looking for the sort of reference the US is- it’s not about how close your relationship is, it’s about why you are a good candidate for your subject. An LoR that is states the facts, and specifies why you are suited for a biology course suits them just fine.

Read those posts thoroughly, write the bullet points for the LOR & have either your GC or your Bio teacher write it from the bullet points

So can you get your prof to send an email to your bio teacher saying how great you are, and ask teacher to incorporate it?

IE, say something like,

Limmion has undertaken an internship with Distinguished Prof X at Y Uni, who says blah blah blah.