UCB summer enrichment prog(SEP)?

<p>Anyone participated in the program?</p>

<p>What did you think?</p>

<p>I did the Berkeley SEP last year (Summer 2009).</p>

<p>If you get the opportunity to participate in it, by all means do it. In my case it helped me decide between LA and Berk. When I was over there for the summer I realized that Berk is just not my type of school/city and that I would be happier at LA.</p>

<p>But I'm not trying to slam Berkeley. All I'm saying is that Berk didn't jive well with me. Maybe you'll end up loving it. </p>

<p>Another good thing: you'll get to experience what a UC level course is like.</p>

<p>In my experience, Berkeley is not as hard as people make it out to be.</p>

<p>Sweet thanks for the info Rattus. I'll be participating in the program and going to Berkeley this summer and I was just wondering how it went. </p>

<p>What was your schedule like? Right now I'm interested in adding a PE class but was initially told I couldn't, but I will get confirmation on that next Wednesday. Did you know any other people who added an extra class during the program even if they paid for it?</p>

<p>At this point I'm pretty set on UCB. I used to live in Davis for a few years, and grew up in LA. I've worked in the West LA and Westwood area for a few years and I know the environment around the campuses so I have some what of an idea on what to expect as far as that goes. If you could, can you get into a bit more detail on stuff that wasn't to your liking?</p>

<p>I only took one course. I don't know if any other people added an extra class during the program, but if I remember correctly you are allowed to do so if you pay for it.</p>

<p>Nice, that's what I wanted to hear. I'll just have to wait till wed to get the full detail.</p>

<p>I know you mentioned you decided with UCLA but did you apply to UCB? IF you did, did you get accepted? How much did the SEP on your app help in your opinion?</p>

<p>I've read that taking the independent research greatly increases your chances of acceptance to almost a guarantee. Don't know how much impact the regular SEP would be though.</p>

<p>Yes I did apply to UCB and was accepted.</p>

<p>90% of TAP participants get accepted, but I'm not sure how that affected my application in particular. I have a 3.95 transferable GPA in a non-impacted major.</p>

<p>I saw a statistic a while back on UCB's TAP website that 100% of independent research students get accepted.</p>

<p>Is this another low-income/1st generation college student thing? Or is it open?</p>

<p>Yep it is one of those things. You have to be invited to get in.</p>