UCF to UF transfer


I submitted my application in January to transfer to UF for a bachelor’s in Biotechnology. Before submitting my application I called an advisor to make sure that with all my credits (I will have 61 credits after taking the required classes I need to transfer) were ok and that transferring from a four year institution to UF for Biotechnology would be ok. She told me that I was fine and that if I finished taking biology II over the summer with the lab that I would be able to transfer.

Once I submitted my application, a few days later I received an email from someone in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department. She explicitly stated,

“I have received your UF transfer application to the Biology major. Due to the Florida Board of Governors enrollment reduction policy, UF will not admit Biology applicants who currently attend a four year public university that offers a Biology degree. Since UCF already offers this program, you cannot be admitted to UF as a Biology transfer” .

I am confused as where that was stated and also why I was not told this prior to applying to this major. I did call her back and she restated what she told me. In addition, she also said that I could change my major within the college and see if I could be admitted like that. The problem with this is that she said I would not be able to change my major back. I really do not know what to do and wanted to see if anyone else had the same issues.

The reason why I am considering transferring is because of my life at UCF. UCF is a great school, I just do not feel happy here. I feel like I am just going through the motions until it is time to graduate. I am on the pre-med track and also considering my options between pre-pa as well.

I know I have a lot to lose leaving UCF since I already work in a research lab, a director in an amazing club, volunteer at a homeless shelter, and potentially going to be a senator within UCF. I just do not know what to do and hearing other opinions helps.

Thank you : )