UChicago 2017 Waitlist thread *Class 2021*

Time to restart our clocks again

What is everyone doing in order to get off the waitlist?

I just emailed my letter of continued interest. I’ll probably send updates in April if I have any. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much we can do.

I’m just treating it as the rejection it essentially is. Nice to know we’re competitive though

I have very little hope but I sent in my LOCI anyway. I know I’ll have some updates by early to mid April so I’ll send those in with another shorter e-mail.
btw, how many of you guys accepted the gap year option on the reply form?

I did, did you accept the gap year option?

@Hizeus yep, because I’d be alright taking a gap year. I’m guessing most people didn’t, though. Any idea how exactly it would work?

How brief exactly is a brief LOCI? 100-150 words? And what did you all title the email?

I didn’t choose the gap year option.

What is the status on the waitlists?

Seems like they want to know what your going to do during the gap year not just that you will take one.

Really? Is there such a question anywhere on the application portal? I could not find one. Thanks!

Other posters seem to have emailed their gap year plans to their AO’s.