UChicago 2025 RD Waitlist

This thread is for waitlisted applicants to UChicago in the 2025 cycle.

Feel free to talk about anything relating to the waitlist this year. Anyone have any idea how big the list or when people will start getting pulled?


I’m assuming early to mid-April. Advice is to send your LOCI a.s.a.p. because UChicago is historically known for pulling people off of the waitlist earlier than most schools (according to my counselor)

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S21 sent his LOCI last week before Ivy Day. Fingers are crossed

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I sent me LOCI the day after my waitlist. Do you think they would get mad if I sent another video?

Another? Then perhaps yes, because too much lobbying can hurt more than help your chances. I’m not an AO though so idrk. Also, did anyone on cc get off of the waitlist yet? I know that last year, they did this earlier - like around March.

Haven’t heard of one yet; however I think we should be hearing very soon as UChicago started admitting students off the waitlist right after Ivy Day last year.

Also, I think one of my friends wrote a second LOCI yesterday and heard back from his AO who said: “Thank you for your continued interest…will add the note to your file for the committee’s consideration IN THE COMING WEEKS” - Interesting, right?

hey everyone! i waitlisted and sent out my loci two or three days after the uchicago decisions came out. i got no response from my AO though so i re-emailed him today asking if it was well received…luckily it’s on my portal if anything. hoping for the best!

I also had to send a follow-up email. My AO ended up replying with a very nice message and told me she was quite busy. Good luck and all the best with your future endeavors. Keep me updated with the waitlist result!


Hi. If you don’t mind me asking, would you tell me where on the portal you found the updated material? Although I received responses from my admissions officer (both to my loci and a reminder email), I don’t see any uploaded material on my portal. Thanks!

The LOCI should be submitted as “Other” in the “Upload Materials” section, right?

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Anyone get any notifications from Chicago?

that’s what I did, yes :slight_smile:

i did not…still no answer from my AO even after sending a follow up :confused:

Apparently someone already got off the waitlist

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yup! let’s all manifest a little status update email in the next few weeks hehe

are you talking about sav from the zeeme?

no some guy on reddit

could you link it?