UChicago 2025 RD Waitlist

Just sent you a message!

Amazing! Definitely let me know if he chooses the gap year. Right now UChicago doesn’t seem to have a formalized space for people admitted to 2026 so I’m trying to see what I can do to connect everyone.

Just curious - what conditions do they pose on deffered applicants? Like can you enroll part time or take classes or enroll full time else where while you are deffered.

They want to know your gap year plans and ask that you not enroll in or take classes for credit during the year.

How can I connect with you? I was also recently admitted off of waitlist for 2026

I’m an international from Egypt. After responding with ny interest in joining as part of the class of 2026 i received an email thanking me for my continued interest and said i should hear in the coming week…in other cases it usually takes a day for the update :man_shrugging:

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Did any get this 1-week period too before getting an offer…

Hey everyone, I’ve been reading this post for awhile and finally decided to share some of my experience. I sent my LOCI to regional AO over 3 weeks ago, but I never received a response back. Completely understandable, but I’m quite an overthinker haha.

Today in the morning I sent in an email expressing my willingness to be considered for c/o 2026 w/ a gap year. A response would definitely clear my mind, especially since initially I replied no to the gap year offer, but recently submitted a yes in the survey. I did include a question about the gap year option to perhaps initiate a response, so I’ll see what happens.

Also, at this point is it even possible to reach the admissions office through the phone? I have tried a bajillion times, so has anyone even received a call after leaving a message?

I appreciate a response back! Besides, congrats to anyone who was admitted off the waitlist so far! I hope to join you soon :relaxed:


I’m inn the same boat! However I haven’t changed to the 2026 option :skull: But yeah I tried calling before but somehow it always just rings and goes to voicemail. However, there was this one time last week that I called and got lucky as the other AO from my region responded. So, the chances aren’t high of getting a call response, at least not in my case, but chances are still there however slim they may be. Also, I think email may be best. I am guilty of emailing my AO much (although she’s super kind and informative about everything thankfully), but I tend to hear back 3-5 days afterwards, so I think that’s better/more efficient than no response via call. Usually when you send your LOCI, they thank you for your continued interest, so it isn’t like there would be a majorly significant response anyways so don’t worry about not getting that initial response–its okay im an overthinker too so i completely understand that. Furthermore, I would say to put your LOCI in the portal because that is directly connected to your application file, so it would be guaranteed for them to receive it that way. Hope all this helps! Idk much though because I’m also a UChicago waitlisted applicant right now. Someone earlier mentioned hearing news later this week as we haven’t heard anything since commitment day, which may have fluctuated the admittance numbers, so there’s chance of another wave for the 2025 waitlist in coming days.

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Phew… glad I’m not the only one. :sweat_smile: At first I wasn’t sure if my emails were going through (have had that happen before), so that’s why I sticked to calling as well. I will definitely wait and see for the next few days, while also adding my c/o 2026 interest letter into the portal. Thank you so much for the response as it really does help me to know that my situation is normal!

It seems as if UChicago was one of the few colleges that started pulling people off in April, but without much activity—in regards to c/o 2025—now. I really hope so too for another wave of waitlist admissions. In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck with your admission!


Messaging you right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe it is because you are an international applicant so there is more to do in order to create an update or file info? So far, the 2026 admits that I know are from the U.S.

They haven’t offered you a spot in the Class of 2026 yet. The week is likely a generic response. Everyone I have heard who got this offer to join the Class of 2026 had an official conversation about it with an AO followed by a letter in the portal within 24 to 48 hours. If we had said no, they would not have sent us the portal update. We actually zoomed with the AO from our region.

They just announced they closed the waitlist for the c/o 2025 and 2026.


ayo i feel so played right now i got so excited when i saw that status update email goodnight :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Literally same :sob:🤌

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What did it say?