@mapletree18: Yes, UCI will consider your Senior grades however, having good grades Senior year is not a new and compelling basis for an appeal.

For an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new academic and personal information, as well as information pertaining to extenuating circumstances that had not been present in the application, and that clearly shows the student to be stronger than had been earlier evidenced. Please note: high grades received in the senior year, recently acquired awards, or an increase in activities are not a basis for the reversal of a decision.

Please be advised that if the applicant is admitted via appeal after orientation/advising programs have occurred, arrangements will be made to attend the programs at a later date. A further consideration is that once the initial SIR deadline (May 1 for freshman applicants; June 1 for transfer applicants) has passed, on-campus housing is no longer guaranteed for applicants accepting an admission offer after those dates.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important all materials sent for review are uploaded at one time. Due to the amount of paperwork received by the office and also the ongoing appeal review process, any paperwork submitted separately WILL NOT be merged with the original appeal for review.

Freshmen Selection Appeal
Upload the following items by May 1 and include student name and Application ID number on each sheet of materials submitted:

  1. Letter of appeal clearly stating new and compelling information for appeal consideration, written and signed by the applicant
  2. High school transcript from most recent term; please note the transcript must have course information and grades from fall semester of your senior year and any additional semesters available at the time of appeal
  3. Other additional documentation
  4. Letters of recommendation are NOT REQUIRED unless requested by our staff to support appeal information

Hey guys just curious but what other colleges did you get accepted to? I just find the Uci waitlist to be strange this year. Out of the Colleges I applied to I only got into UCSD.

@Gumbymom Thank you! Fortunately I got waitlisted but the unguaranteed housing now concerns me ; - ;

@mapletree18: You can appeal while waitlisted if you have new information.


@Gumbymom What is an example of a legitimate reason to appeal?

@Dreamer009 same!! what are your stats?

Reasons for an appeal that may have affected your academic performance:

Health/Medical issues involving yourself and/or family member not clearly addressed in your essays
Recent Death of a Family member not addressed
Parent loss of a job/income

Missing a deadline or date for your application due to unforeseable circumstances beyond your control
Mistakes on your application by not including pertinent courses or required courses leading to your application being withdrawn.

Does anyone know what the waitlist acceptance rate is for UCI?

@Gumbymom, I have been waitlisted at UCI for business economics. UCI is my number one choice for college among all UCs. And that’s the only UC I applied to. I’d like to appeal but I did not have any dip in academic performance and neither did I have any specific medical or family issue condition that impacted my studies. I have maintained straight As through my high school years, including my senior year. I am top 15% ELC for UC and have attended some invites only events for UCI. I have shown my interest in UCI all along. So on what other basis can I appeal? What I should do?

No data for 2017 but data for 2016 and 2015 waitlists:

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 8366
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 4503
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 835

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 7361
Number accepting a place on the waitlist: 4035
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 131

@grad2021: ELC is top 9% not 15% and there is really nothing you can do for an appeal at this point. You just need to hope that many students do not SIR by May 1 and spots will open up. Sorry I cannot offer you any more advice other than learn to love the schools that accepted you.

Hi I also got waitlisted for UCI .
I applied for Biomedical Engineering Premedical
GPA (UW/W): 3.404/4.173
SAT w/ Essay: 1250
SAT Math 2: 490
SAT Molecular Biology: 580
Lots of community service and I’m in many clubs along with being a main officer for Link Crew.
Also in sports and music.
So my stats are obviously not the best but I have plenty of ECs and pretty good essays :slight_smile:

If we get off the waitlist does anyone know if we get guaranteed housing?

I don’t think so. Some schools do, but I don’t think UCI does.

LOL I got waitlisted but my stats are lower than everyone elses that I have seen.

GPA- 3.84 W/ 3.5 UW (I think)
ACT- 28
Major: Computer Game Design

Not that many ECs. I held officer positions for like two clubs and was in Adv Choir. We got a silver award but yeah.
I have 4 professional Certificates on terms of Media Arts, Beginning CS, Game Design and Programming.

My essays were average. Kind of basic really. But so much had happened to me that I literally filtered my application, so I sent in an appeal yesterday to UCI.

The whole point of being waitlisted is basically saying: “Sorry we rejected you, but we believe you can go somewhere else that best fits you, but if you REALLY wanna go here then just wait.”

Essentially, the chances of getting accepted off of the waitlist is kinda low.

Even if you did get accepted, you can’t apply for housing nor the chances of getting a dorm is so slim. So, they’re trying to root you out to choosing a different college with the factors of: appeal due on May 1 (the day every applicant must pick ONE UC) and no housing.

I know some of my friends that were so full of themselves years ago that they didn’t accepted/submit SIR to another colllege and thought “I’m gonna get accepted through the waitlist, don’t worry.” And in the end they didn’t, and now have to go to community college cause they didn’t submit SIR or a deposit to any colleges as backup on time.

So if you did get waitlisted (and appealed), the chances of you getting an actual REJECTION, is more than 50% at this point. Remember you’re going against other waitlisted AND rejected appealed applicants.

Unfortunately I agree with @orionary. From a few people I know who work at UCI that is the the general belief. If they really wanted you to consider them they would have given you a hard offer to not risk losing you.

If UCI is your “dream” (UCI is a University, but okay), go to community and reapply in two years under TAG. I’ve attended a few colleges in my lifetime and I would have to say it’s always been the people/teachers that make an education…not the name of the place. I’ve had talented teachers at many times in my life in many parts of the country.

Irvine is a beautiful, clean safe city to study and this UC is a great place to get a solid education and their reputation will continue to grow. I had some fun experiences here, but they were moments that I created by getting involved in my campus community. I also know people that attended UCSD, UCR, and UCSB and they all have positive things to say about their campus too. It’s what you make of where you are that matters.

My point…go to some place that has extended you a solid offer and where you can be happy and focus. If that just happens to be community college with your parents for two more years to help you transition smoothly let it be that. You get guaranteed housing your first year as a transfer so you will still get the “dorm” experience if that’s the desire.

I got waitlisted for Computer Game Science,

GPA 3.56 UW, 4.19 W, upwards(-ish) trend
13 APs

SAT: 1520-780 Math, 740 Reading + 21 Essay
SAT II: 800-Math II, 800-Physics, 680-French+Listening
ACT: 35 Composite-33 Reading, 36 Math, 35 Science, Essay-31

Essays: Good but not the best, 8/10

Extracurriculars: 2 years JV Swim, 7 years Math/volunteer organisation(high estimate 500 hrs + officer 3 years), 3 years Swing dance club (officer 1 year), 4 years French (President 1 year), 2 years job @ McDonald’s, 1 year Robotics, Vice Captain

Thought I was gonna get in for sure but now I’m just waiting for May to come around

I got waitlisted for Women and Gender Studies

Oddly enough I was accepted to Berkeley and still waitlisted to Irvine, some friends whose SATs were lower and had less extra curriculars were accepted, so either my major was greatly impacted or tbh I really don’t know what happened during my applications review. From what I’ve heard and seen, Irvine’s pool of admissions was really diverse and all over the place this time around

GPA: UW 3.93, W 4.36 with 12 APs

SAT: English 600, Math 530; 1130
ACT: 23 Composite (terrible at math and science)

Extra: Japanese and Korean Club (founder), Cheer Varsity Captain (2 years), Safe School Ambassador, Legislative Internship, 130 hours of community service, Pan-Asian Club

Essays: pretty strong 9/10, though in a way the topics chosen and the way they were written showed my likelihood to fit into Berkeley’s enviroment more than Irvine, though, being a Hispanic minority did set me apart as expressed in my essays

Accepts; UCR, Uni of Wisiconsin-Madison
Waitlist: UCI, Brown and Wellesley
Rejected: Uni of Notre Dame, Wesleyan

SAT 1410
gpa: 4.2 UC gpa: 3.94

extracarriculars; rocketry 2 years (leadership positions) , vocal jazz 4 years (leader ship positions)…etc. 15 years of singing. programming club…other stem stuff…started a film club, arrange/compose music in my free time,

8 ap classes in all 4 years

AP CALC BC: this year
the other ap’s i am not taking ap test

waitlisted for computer engineering…RIP me stupid