For those who got waitlisted at UCI. If u eventually get off the waitlist please post your stats and the day you get in.

I got waitlisted as a computer science major

My first choice was business administration…is there some way to know if I’m waitlisted for this specific major?

Waitlisted for Psychology

Waitlisted Business Economics
SAT - 1450/1600 (English:720, math:730, essay: 23)
Math II SAT – 740

weighted GPA: 4.1538
unweight GPA: 3.8718
UC GPA: 4.06

Eligibility in Local Context (ELC) for being Top 9% of graduating California high school students
AP Scholar

AP Eng Lang, Honors Chem, Ap World History, AP Comp Sci, Honors American Lit.
AP Calc, AP Stats, AP Bio

Received letter of commendation from National Merit Scholarship program
Volunteer at UCI medical assisting with language translation service
VP of Med club
Tutor math to kids 4-8 as part of Math club
National honor society/CSF : 4 year member
community service- 200+ hours
track/hurdler - freshman year

Good personal statements/essays

UCI is my first choice Besides signing on ‘Intent to Participate’, should I appeal?

Waitlisted for Civil Engineering

can you appeal if waitlisted?

@collegeboundd220 u can appeal while on the waitlist

I asked some of my friends, and those who got in actually somehow have less good stats and ec…IDK why…
Maybe they want to give the offers to those who will actually commit instead of those who get better offers

Waitlisted: Business Information Management

i got waitlisted! i applied for nursing with a backup of undeclared…how do i know which major i got waitlisted for?

@rwood23 when u press the submit sir it should say major on the top

Waitlisted for Pharmaceutical Science

Can you appeal for UCI? I thought you can only appeal if you got denied. If so, how?

Can a student who was waitlisted appeal their admission decision?

For freshman students:
Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles and San Diego will only allow appeals from students who were denied admission. Applicants offered a waitlist space may not appeal.

Irvine will allow waitlisted applicants to appeal only if they opt-in to the waitlist. If a student’s appeal is denied, they may remain on the waitlist.

Riverside, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz will review all appeals, whether an applicant is on the waitlist or not.

Merced is not using a waitlist.

@UCIvyL what is stats pls

GPA(UW/W): 3.96/4.03
SAT: 1330
Pretty low stats… and decent ECs and essays I guess

Anybody got rejected today?

Does anyone know if UCI will take first semester grades (senior) into consideration?