UCL and Durham: Have you heard of them? What is their reputation like?

<p>I got into both, but I'm just asking...because my family (Singaporeans) have never heard of them. They instead have heard of 2nd tier US schools like Northwestern, Georgetown, NYU etc. IDK but it seems stupid to me.</p>

<p>As much as I hate to say it, international rep is important to me especially when it comes to careers. So naturally I'm reluctant to attend a place that my family has never even heard of.</p>

<p>For UCL I got into ESPS(Politics, Economics and German) and for Durham its Combined Social Sciences (Politics, Economics, Business).</p>

<p>Can you please tell me what country you're from, and what the kind of reputation from those universities are like? I know in the UK they are well regarded, but I'm looking for other opinions like that of the US, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India etc etc.</p>