UCL Offer Question

I recently received an offer to study history at University College London, which I am very happy about. It is one of the top schools on my list, and I am heavily considering it as an option. I am interesting in attending grad school down the road, probably for history as well. Is UCL a good school for this? Does it have connections with top grad programs in the US? Do think going to school abroad will be an advantage or disadvantage? The deciding factor for me is cost, and UCL is MUCH cheaper, especially because its a 3 year degree.

Whether you are thinking of a Masters or a PhD, US schools will know UCL. What will matter is 1) what you do in undergrad and 2) choosing the right program for your interests.

You will need at least a 2.1, but a 1st if at all possible. To do that will probably require you to learn new ways of studying and (if you haven’t already) developing a lot of self-discipline.

In itself, I don’t think that there is a particular advantage in studying abroad per se- but it can be, if you are able to explore your academic area of interest in different or more meaningful ways because of where you are / what resources you have access to.