UCL or St Andrews for English & Comparative Literature

Hi everyone! I have received offers from both UCL and St Andrews. St Andrews for Comp Lit & English joint degree and UCL for Comp Lit. Right now I am having a hard time choosing between them because both are good schools for my course. UCL is ranked 13th for English and 10th overall worldwide, while St Andrews has a great English department with really high domestic reputation (also other humanities courses). I’m well aware of the huge differences in the two schools: the course structures (I definitely prefer St Andrews), the lifestyle (I know they are really different but both are cool with me), and the living cost (not a problem really)… However since I have plans to go to grad schools in the US, the question comes to which one has a better recognition in the US. Any other advice is appreciated too. Thanks in advance :grimacing:

the cities r very different, St A is rather super isolated and only thing in town/Scotland is the uni, whilst UCL is in London… I think it also takes longer to get a degree from Scottish unis…

Thanks for your reply. Def will take that into consideration

American academics would know of and respect both and where you go would come down to your performance, so that part really doesn’t matter.
What does matter is the very different environment. Get something like a junior grad school experience at a city uni (like NYU except in London) with no real campus and a bureaucracy comparable to the public UCs or get a smaller collegiate experience in an isolated village at a school with a ton of history and traditions (so American counterpart would be W&M so St. A’s would have more). And yes, 3Y of all Lit classes vs 4Y where you may take a few classes outside English/Lit.

I am…skeptical…that you really do get the scale of the differences in the lifestyle between StAs & UCL. Assuming that you saw them as being comparably prestigious & good for your grad school prospects, would you be equally happy at Kenyon and NYU?