UCLA Class of 2025 Discussion

This is not the case. There was a stay on the initial ruling and as of now some UCs are test blind, while some are test optional as of now until a final ruling is made.

UCSD, UCLA, UCD are test optional. The other UCs have committed to test blind this cycle.



What does this mean? What do you guys think?

@Lilina Looks like the uc campuses (for now) can’t consider sat/act test scores. More weight will be placed on the gpa, course rigor, and other things if I were to guess.

Where does this put subject tests?

How hard is to switch the major from L&S to Engineering at UCLA. I know it is hard but is it even possible?

@Lilina I am not sure actually. @Gumbymom do you have any insight?

@vittala Its possible for everything but a major that starts with computer. It is pretty tough since you need a 3.5 gpa min in major prep courses for at least two consecutive quarters. EE is lower at 3.4. Civil and mat sci are at 3.3. You shouldn’t apply for L&S with the intention of getting into engineering.


Here is the UC’s stance on SAT subject tests.

SAT subject tests
While SAT subject tests are not required, some campuses recommend that freshman applicants interested in competitive majors take the tests to demonstrate subject proficiency.

Recommendations for fall 2021 applicants
Remember, these are recommendations, not mandates. You will not be penalized for failing to take the SAT Subject Tests. On the other hand, submission of these test scores (just like submission of AP and/or IB scores) may add positively to the review of your application.

Submitted my app…

UCLA is now test blind - so they aren’t reviewing scores is our understanding

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Has anyone received their portal yet? I applied to a few UC schools and have only gotten mine from Berkeley so far.

Same here. We submitted our application on Nov 2.

We have not received our portal instructions for UCLA, UCSB, or UCI yet… patiently waiting here :slight_smile:

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I applied to the same campuses and I haven’t received any except from Berkley

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Same with us. And we applied on 11/21 to UCLA and UCSB.

Applied to four UCs and haven’t received portals from any. Submitted mid November too.

Son received portal from UCB, UCI, and UCSC. UCs probably go through and respond to applications in random (except I heard UCB send out to everyone at same day).

UCLA portal opened today, you just need your UC application ID to look up your status.

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Thanks for providing the link! My S25 was able to access his portal there today too. However, he did not receive an email notification that the portal was ready. Anyway, thanks for the great info.

We just got UCLA and UCSB recently. Got Irvine and Berkeley way earlier. We still haven’t gotten UCDavis