UCLA Transfer Waitlist Thread 2021

Hey guys! Thought I would update since all UCs and CSUs are out :smiley:

Major: Psychology
GPA: 4.0 major, 3.81 overall
Extracurriculars: one year transfer, valedictorian, leadership, working 2 jobs throughout high school and college, LINK crew, academic mentor, volunteered at my local hospital for 2 years
Essay: Pretty strong. Wrote about the hardships I overcame and how it sparked my interest in Psychology.
Rejected: SDSU, CSULB (missing a pre req)
Waitlisted: UCLA

I’m putting my all into the mini essay and explaining what I have been doing from the day I submitted the apps to now. Good luck everyone!

Hi all, I finally made an account after watching this UCLA thread for the last month and a half. I just want to say thank you for providing such a welcoming and entertaining community during these stressful times.

History Major, 3.89 GPA
Finished pre-reqs, and IGETC
Internships at a law firm and sports agency
Captain of Santa Barbara City College baseball team
Got two C’s and an F my first semester of college. Have gotten a 4.0 every semester since.

Accepted: UCI, USF, UCSB
Waitlisted: UCLA and UCB


hey guys, do we have a discord server? Or is anyone on the UCLA transfer discord server. Can anyone share the link here. I would really appreaciate it!

Hey guys here’s the code to the discord server: jD3CgNEe
I can’t include links here but lmk if it doesn’t work

Hello, is this the new server only for us the waitlist students? Are you also in the main UCLA transfer server? Could you send me the code for that too? thanks

This the new server I just created so feel free to share with anyone you know. I’m not in the main UCLA transfer server.

Here’s the code to the discord server: jD3CgNEe