UCLA vs. Cal vs. WashU

Trying to evaluate the best Univ to get into Med school

No brainer washu. Amazing program with private school class size.

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There is no such thing as a “best university to get into medical school”. That just doesn’t exist. These three universities are all excellent schools. You can take the prerequisite courses for medical school at all three.

Maybe think about where you want to live for the next four years. That’s assuming costs are not a consideration.

But a few thoughts…if you are a CA resident, please keep in mind that getting accepted to a CA medical school is a challenge for all applicants as there are tons of applicants for not a ton of seats. Most CA medical school applicants go to medical school out of state.

Think about costs. You want to keep your costs to a minimum for undergrad, because IF you actually get accepted to and attend medical school, it will be funded with loans,loans and more loans.


have you been admitted into all 3?

Net price at each?

No college is going to “best” for premed.

Pick the college is that is “best” for you. One that offers the best combination of:

•fit–because happy students do better academically. Also because college is 4 years of your life, you ought to be able to enjoy it.

•opportunity–to grow and develop as an individual, to meet new people and explore new ideas and interests–even they lead you away from medicine, to find mentoring from your professors, to get involved in campus activities, to develop your leadership skills.

• cost–because med school is hideously expensive and you will need to take out a quarter million (or more!) in leans to pay for it. Pre meds are strongly advised to minimize undergrad debt.

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Yes accepted to all the UCs got the provost scholarships at a few campuses.


I agree 100% with @WayOutWestMom on selection criteria.

visit the campuses and you will get a good sense of which is right for you.