UCLA vs UCSD for Cognitive Science

My son got into UCLA and UCSD for Cognitive Science. We are unable to decide between two. UCLA is his dream college but looks like UCSD has better Cogs program. His end goal is to specialize in AI. We do not know anyone who is majoring in Cognitive Science in UCLA. Can anyone share their thoughts? TIA.

I can’t speak for cog sci specifically. For neuroscience, both are fantastic schools. UCSD might have the slight edge on neuroscience at the graduate level, but not enough that it would matter for your kid’s decision. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either. Which school does your son like better in general? Congrats on 2 amazing acceptances!

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Two great options so congratulations! I think both schools would work well for an undergrad degree. If UCLA is his “dream college,” he gained admission, and it is affordable I see no reason to go elsewhere.


Thank you very much for your feedback. In general he likes UCLA. When comparing the program in both colleges UCSD looks more structured for AI and he has his older brother in UCSD. He is not able to decide due to these factors.

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Thank you so much for your feedback.

Why don’t you talk to the departments? Or see outcomes.

That his brother goes to UCSD is great - but UCLA was his dream school. If he wants to be with his brother, that’s great - but then UCLA wouldn’t be his dream.

This is undergrad - both will be fine.

If he has a preference for academics, it’s ok then to change gears from the “dream” school. After all, there is no such thing as a dream school - but there are schools you might feel you love til you get a bad dorm, roommate- or prof, etc.

No wrong choice here - hs should choose with his gut, comfort. They are not similar schools - so which does he want?

Thank you. We will schedule a meeting with departments. We also started looking into detail description of the courses under UCLA Cognitive science. So far they seem to offer what he wants to do.

Both schools are amazing.

True. We also want him to have a dorm/roommate that gets along well. :crossed_fingers: