UConn vs UDelaware

<p>Hi CC community! Right now I am accepted into UConn Engineering (Undecided) and for this topic I am assuming I will be accepted into UD. Assuming I get into UD Engineering, I have absolutely no idea which one I would like to go to and I was hoping I could get some advice from people on here. I will be posting this in both of their forums to get opinions from both sides.</p>

<p>Reasons for UConn
I loved the campus
Sports and school spirit
Good school academically, although the engineering program is ranked lower than UD.</p>

<p>The only things that bothered me were the fact that it is 4.5 hours away from me and the fact that there is nothing outside of the campus and both of these were remedied by the fact that now there is a megabus in Storrs to help me with transportation, and the shopping center they will be building.</p>

<p>Reasons for UD
I also loved the campus and the giant quad they have
The sports are not as main stream but they do have all the spirit that I like.
Also a good school academically and its engineering department is ranked higher than UConn.
Located about an hour away from me which is perfect
A few thousand dollars cheaper than UConn if I am not mistaken</p>

<p>Only thing that I do not like is the 2 month long winter break. I know you can go abroad or take classes their, but they both cost money and are expensive, and I would rather not be stuck at home with no college friends home because they are all away already.</p>

<p>Hi- I’m a CT resident and applied (and got into) UCONN and am yet to hear from UD. It’s my strong preference to go to UD despite the significantly higher tuition I’d face going OOS to UD. To me, the two campuses couldn’t be more different, even though they’re not significantly different in size- the energy level and the sense of community is tangible at UD, wheras the “feel” I get at UCONN is a lot like walking around a city that one’s only vaguely familiar with… big and impressive, certainly, but cold and impersonal and certainly without the sense of relaxed friendliness I sensed (a lot) when I visited UD and walked around. People actually stopped and talked to me while I was walking around…they seemed, well, “normal”. I’d say a personal visit to each campus would really point a sharp point on how different the campusues are.</p>

<p>My D was accepted into UD and is waiting to hear from UCONN. We live 10 minutes from the University of Delaware, so we’ve visited the campus many times. Except for the obvious size, in my opinion the UD campus and the UCONN campus have very similar “college town” feels. One is just smaller. </p>

<p>There are also a variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping on Main Street that I did not see in Storrs when we toured UCONN. Perhaps they are there, but they weren’t part of the tour. I also think UD’s social scene may be a bit more active, but UCONN’s athletic spirit is a force to be reckoned with. UD does have a very active sports community in fact we went to a Blue Hen football game this year and we’re heading over today to watch the quarterfinals for a local high school team.</p>

<p>I understand your feelings about the two week break, but there are ways around it. It may break you’re parents heart if you don’t come home, but you can always sublet a room on the cheap from someone who is going home. Pay their rent for two months and they’ll let you live in their space. Get a job to take care of your day to day expenses or make sure you have enough savings from the summer and vounteer or hang out with your new friends over break. You won’t be the only person who stays on campus, trust me. I wouldn’t let that be a deal breaker. In fact, you may find you really enjoy it.</p>

<p>That was my impression. D’s first choice is UCONN. We loved their campus as well. But the OOS tuition compared to our instate offer from UD is night and day. UD is practically paying her entire way, so from a parent prospective they are a better buy, but she has her heart set on UCONN…</p>