UCR will be sending decisions very soon and rolling after March 1! If you want, describe your stats below:

Essays (GOOD/BAD?):
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Good luck to you all!

My daughter is just waiting for March 1… She’s applied to Mechanical Engineering.

Hello everyone, my name is Derek, I’m currently a first year Biochem major. If u have anything wanna ask (major, campus, dorm etc) comment it below. I know it can be stressful (last year the Admission really messed up the notification process). Good luck to you all!!! Whose side? R’side

@Lic8437 - What do you mean by messed up the notification process last year? How do you like the dorms? Which are the best for incoming Freshmen?

@OCDDad , well, they were switching system to BANNON around March April, so they basically sent out acceptance to everyone applied, then retracted, then the admission portal was down till April. Anyway it was a mass. I live in Pentland Hills, the more expansive and private one. It was suitable for me at least, because it’s relative quiete and less drama. I can’t really comment on Lothain and AI as I don’t really have much experience with them, take a dorm tour and feel yourself. I can’t really say which one is best for incoming freshman, they all have different taste. For example, AI and Lothain is definitely more active than Pentland. So I definitely recommend take a campus and dorm tour and feel yourself

My son is also waiting applied as Mechanical Engineering. Hoping they update like they say on the portal beginning 3/1. It seems like all of the schools are delaying admissions that normally send in Feb so now it is March for the 6 remaining ones since we have only heard from one so far.

@Lic8437. I sure hope they fixed it. i just Googled Pentland Hills and saw the dorms. The rates seem VERY high, especially for the Inland Empire where you would expect costs to be lower. For 2018-19, a double at Pentland Hills costs $17,863 with a mediocre meal plan and $18,583 with a full meal plan. That’s is pricey!

UCR’s housing rates may be the highest in the entire UC system. Maybe need to drum up $$ from somewhere to cover those hefty $10000 regents they award.

UCR’s outrageous housing costs have caused me to put UCR a few rungs lower on places I hope my son attends in the fall. I could understand UCSB or UCLA charging those prices given labor costs, etc., but in Riverside (and not even a good part of Riverside) that is just ridiculous…

Hi guys, I applied for Neuroscience for undergrad,Hope you guys get accepted

Hi @Lic8437 , how has the BioChem major workload been like? I know it’s a difficult major and I was wondering if you were able to balance everything in life (school, work, social life, etc.)

@fashionista99 well, Biochem is really an upper div major, which means u don’t take any Biochem class till junior year or later sophomore year. You take literally the same class as other science major for the first two years. Well Biochem is one of hardest major in campus, as about 50% of ppl switch to other majors later in he years. As for me first two quarters are durable so far. Quarter system is somewhat really fast pasted, like u have midterms on week 3 and 7 and finals on week 11. Definitely put study first then consider social and work. Once u adjusted to college life, find a club or two of your interest and get involved!!! Hopefully this helped

@Lic8437 It did! Thank you so much!

Does anybody here know anything about the neuroscience major at ucr?

Hey I applied to UCR for psychology major . I can’t wait until March.


@Opthalman657 How did you hear back? Was it through portal or email? Also, were you accepted early beacuse of Regents or Honors? Thank you and CONGRATS !!! :slight_smile:

Lol whatever u guys do don’t wait till midnight for the results to come out, just go to bed and think the server will crash…

@Lic8437 I think it was a one time mistake. I doubt they would repeat the same error again this year.

Is the website down or is it just me? i can’t check my portal. the page won’t even load.