**UCR Waitlist Discussion for Class of 2024**

Please post any questions or discussion involving the UCR waitlist.

2019 Waitlist stats:
Waitlist Opt ins: 4,015
Waitlist Admits: 1,363

Best of luck.

I know it might be a silly question but is waitlist admits the number of people who were given acceptance after waitlist or is the the number of people who ultimately accepted the admission?

I got waitlisted at UCR

ACT: 28
GPA: 3.5

Will I get off the waitlist and admitted possibly?

@KV282282: Waitlist admits are the # of students that were admitted off the waitlist after opting in.

@KV282282: Waitlist admits are the # of students that were admitted off the waitlist after opting in.

@KVXY2020: Look at the stats in the original post discussion.

I got waitlisted for data science. Since data science is a major that was just introduced, what are the chances that I get admitted?

Was wondering if students are ranked in the wait list, if they are how can we see where we rank in that wait list? Also majoring in computer science as I know is a rising competitive field, from your 2019 wait list statistics about 1 out of every 3 students will be admitted off from the list, I’d like to know how does this compare to ones majoring in computer science, even a opinion will be appreciated.

Common Data Set for UCR mentions that the waitlist is not ranked.
I suspect admissions may sort by major and if spots open up, re-evaluate the wait list applications.

Computer Science (BS) at UCR in 2019 had 738 students in the program. In 2018, 601 students and in 2017, 510 students:
In 2018, it appears that UCR had 112 freshman (with 89% retention rate).

Based on this information, the targeted enrollment for fall 2020 may be 150 to 200 students. This assumes the program is growing and the 2019 numbers aren’t just an anomaly. I would be cautious assuming the targeted enrollment. For instance, Cal Poly SLO Software engineering had consistently targeted 50 students each year until this year when they reduced the targeted number to 30 students.

It is anyone’s guess as to how many students are admitted to get this yield (for computer science). I suspect the program over admits by a factor that has been fine tuned based upon their past yield.

I wouldn’t count on wait list admission for any school. Looking at common data set information for other UC’s, the wait list admission rate can be high one year and close to nothing other years. These wild swings start with up stream acceptances (how many accept at the top programs) and work their way down stream. I suspect some programs can absorb a higher than expected (enrollment) yield both in the program and via housing and will start with a larger acceptance rate. Other schools may be more comfortable limiting admits and drawing from the wait list.

Thank you for all this great information, really appreciate it!

I assume you are on the waiting list for Computer Science (at UCR). What are your basic stats? see https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-california-riverside/2173253-uc-riverside-class-of-2024-decision-thread-stats-only.html for a template.

Where have you been accepted? And where have you been waitlisted?

My son has been accepted to CPP, UCR, CSUF, CSULB (already declined) and has been wait listed at UCD, UCSC, CP SLO (software engineering) and SDSU.

I’m a little confused. When will they release the waitlist acceptance emails?

@purpleballoon24: You will hear most likely after the May 1 SIR deadline so please enroll in another school until you hear from UCR.

I major in Business Management and I got a 1090 on my SAT and a 3.7 GPA. I had a lot of extracurriculars and decent essays, what are my chances of getting in

@GauravJJ2020: There is no way to determine your chances since UCR has not posted how many applicants were waitlisted and how many opted in. All you can do is SIR to another school until you hear from UCR.

I was waitlisted but just received a financial aid package is that a good sign or does every waitlist applicant receive this?

Is there a way to appeal while on the waitlist?? UCR is one of my top 3 schools and I would really like to get in, does anyone know?

@paulngyn: Do not read anything into receiving the package. FA office has to prepare all FA packages in case applicants get accepted off the waitlist since applicants only have a short time to accept the decision.

I was just accepted off the waitlist, but to my alternate major (political science). I already committed to a college that accepted me to my preferred major and it’s a pretty nice school, but if I wanted to attend UCR does anyone know how hard it is to switch from Political science to Environmental science?

@suns16 You can certainly try. When you log into the portal there is a tab on top that says “major change.” Change and submit. You should hear back within 5-7 days.

@suns16 when did you hear back that you got off the waitlist?