UCs have started notifying!

<p>Go check! I just found out that I didn’t get into Davis but my best friend did! Yayayay!</p>

<p>Congrats to your friend :)</p>

<p>I didn't get into Davis either, so I'm worried - is Cal Poly harder to get into than Davis?</p>

<p>Well, Davis doesn't really take your major into account unless it's impacted, so in that sense it's a little easier I suppose. But there were 40,000 applicants and a little over 5,000 spots available sooo.....</p>

<p>I got into Cal Poly ED and I didn't get into Davis, so there's still hope!!! :)</p>

<p>Oh, good. I think Cal Poly taking the major into account is to my benefit considering my all my work experience and community service is related to my major. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)</p>

<p>Cal Poly admits by major but overall I think the admit maybe 35% of their pool which I am told is far more selective than most UC's</p>

<p>Oh really? I think collegeboard.com says overall Cal Poly admits 45%, but that could be old or just plain wrong. May I ask where you heard the 35% stat, toscani?</p>

<p>waitlisted for cal poly</p>

<p>in at davis</p>

<p>lol. so ironic..</p>

<p>I got in at Cal Poly and got rejected from Davis today. Poly has been my first choice since I was ten years old tho, and Davis is just missing out on the experience of meeting me =)</p>

<p>That's the spirit!! Congratulations!!!!! :)</p>

<p>lots of s's (saabicia, sora, sdchargers, samantha, ...shrink!)</p>

<p>Well "S" is the best letter in the alphabet...duh =)</p>

<p>soccerchick too!!!!! :)</p>

<p>S is most definitely the best letter =] No question.</p>

<p>A is cool.
haha i love breaking chains >:D</p>

<p>haha thanx alicia :)</p>

<p>I just talked to the business school ...they indciated they had over 5600 apps and that they were shooting for less than 500 new students next fall.</p>

<p>Last year the Business School had 5400 applications, sent acceptance notices to 1667 applicants and enrolled 428 students. sounds like this year is slightly above that.</p>

<p>^ Oh great. I'm screwed now.</p>

<p>do you have other options? there are lots of great schools out there.
it may be a blessing in disguise.</p>

<p>i didn't get into cal poly for arch, but i am now really excited because i am going to oregon! </p>

<p>just wait, and you will have another equally great opportunity somewhere else.</p>

<p>lakeside, i know i asked you before but are you still planning on oklahoma if you don't get into cal poly?</p>