**UCSB Waitlist Class of 2025**

UCSB didn’t even accept data entry corrections this year, either before or after decisions (same with UCB; the rest accepted changes). D21 entered a B that was going to be corrected to an A (extra credit) because her school district transcript was not updated in time and she was afraid of it not matching. Once the transcript department finally updated the revised document, she asked UCSB about changing it, and they said no. She queried them again after being waitlisted and they again said no.

@graleca: Each school can determine if they allow application corrections after submission. If she self-reported the grades on her transcript at the time of submission then she did it correctly.

Since it was an error on the part of the school district, she could file an appeal but unfortunately, that is not possible if you are on the waitlist. Her other option is to opt out of the waitlist and then file the appeal.

You have to remember the UC’s use 13 areas of criteria to review applicants and one grade especially a B will not make a significant difference.

Cal Poly SLO has had the no update to grade policy due errors (on the part of the school or applicant) for years and I know of several other schools with a similar policy.

It is unfortunate.

is this true for other UCs too?

Some campuses will accept grade changes and some will not. As noted above, UCSB and UCB did not accept grade changes this year. You need to contact each school to determine if the grade changes will be accepted especially since all decisions have been posted.

Even if they do not accept grade changes for admission decision purposes, you are still required to email each school with any updates/errors etc… before you need to send your final transcript. Not notifying the UC’s about differences in your self-reported information on the UC application vs. your final transcript could be grounds for rescinding your application.

From the UC Website: f there are changes to your academic record: If you add or drop a course, fail to earn a C or better in a course or enroll in a new college after you submit your application, log back in and update your information online. If you receive an offer of admission, be sure to confirm with the campus admission office that they are aware of the deficient grade or schedule changes.

Keep in mind: We cannot guarantee that a campus can go back to review an application after correspondence has been received. Make sure to save a copy of your correspondence just in case.

You asked about appealing and the waitlist on the UCSB discussion thread.

Here is the information:

  1. Yes, appeal letters can be written to more than one UC
  2. UCSC is the only UC where you can appeal while on the waitlist.

Thank you so much for this information!

Did everyone on the waitlist receive an email about financial aid, and upon logging in to the portal and viewing financial aid status was everyone able to see aid information including grants and scholarships?

Yes, same for my son.

In 2019 my sons then girlfriend got off the waitlist in late June.

Also we know at least a dozen kids over the past four years that have gotten off UCSB & UCD waitlists and all have wrote letters. My son did not write letters and didn’t get off any waitlists.

UCSB use to let you send an appeal letter if you were waitlisted, which is no longer true for this year. UCD has always had a waitlist statement which can be used as an LOCI. UCSD also required a waitlist statement but no longer part of the waitlist opt in. The rules change so you cannot go by what happened several years ago.

Ok thanks that good info to know.

Will you have guaranteed housing if you get off the waitlist?

UCSB is not offering housing guarantees for all admitted Freshman so I would say no that waitlisted students are not guaranteed housing as of now. In the past, yes they were guaranteed housing but not always their choice housing.

After finding out I got waitlisted at UCSB I checked their waitlist FAQs page. I didn’t see anywhere that I could not write a LOCI so I did. I got sent back an automatic response about waitlist faqs. I was talking to a friend and they said to send in my LOCI again after may 1st. Is this a good idea to send it again?

UCSB does not have the option to send an LOCI this year so they will not review or consider it when making their decisions. It is up to you if you want to resend but I suggest you read this article if you have not and consider the advice I have highlighted below:

  1. Don’t stalk the admission office. Claim your spot, send in what they ask for, and wait. That’s it! If you really feel compelled to send an email to an admission counselor that you’ve met or corresponded with previously, that could be your one other action item. If you do that, it’s a one and done deal. We have seen students send a painted shoe with a message on the bottom reading: “just trying to get my foot in the door.” Memorable, but ultimately ineffective. Admission offices regularly receive chocolates, cookies, and treats along with poems or notes. It is safe to say that a couple hundred grams of sugar and a few couplets are not going to outweigh institutional priorities. There is a distinct line between expressing interest and stalking. Stay in your lane.

Thank you for that information!
If I resend the LOCI, will it hurt my chances of getting in off the waitlist?

If they will not consider it, it is doubtful it would hurt your chances.

I didn’t see anything on UCSB website about submitting or not allowing LoCi’s this year. Can you kindly send me a link showing this policy?

Previously when you opted into the waitlist, it allowed you to upload an LOCI. But not an option this year. Call admissions to confirm.

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