**UCSB Waitlist Class of 2025**

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Thanks! So she was accepted by UCLA and she is on the waiting list USSB? Same major right?

Accepted at UCLA and SIRd at UCLA. Got off the UCSB waitlist Friday night 4/30 (per email telling daughter to check the portal for decision update) and was admitted pre-communications.

She is very good!It is very important to select a major if you want to get in a good school. This is I learned from applying colleges. Thanks!

You have to apply, write essays, to get into UCLA communications and Berkeley’s Media Studies departments. It is very very competitive. My daughter has taken 4 speech communications classes at the local community college, so she knows what she wants, but there is no guarantee she will get into it, but she will try very hard and do her best. Thanks!

She got Berkeley too. So she decided to UCLA. So great !

Anyone know how often UCSB is sending waitlist decision waves? Seems from the thread there has been at least one acceptance per day since the 30th of April.

Are you able to see the stats now? I’m trying to look for them but i can’t find any

Any updates? Anyone else receive a response from UCSB

Another thread said UCSB is full but definitely no movement likely til after June 1st transfer commitment date when everyone has to put down hard $ deposit of $2K.

what thread is that?


Yeah fellow waitlisted person here, cannot find that thread. I have been praying for this because its either UCSB or CC lol.

Full? You mean no people can be off from waitlist…

Ill paste if I come across it again tho it was just this morning. It was on a waitlist appeal thread for another school but they said they were specifically told by UCSB admissions freshman class is full now.

COVID 19, a lot students selected to take a gap year. Now they come back. So no more room for waitlist…

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I have never called UCSB admissions. Has anyone else? It would be good to know if the waitlist won’t be used. My daughter committed somewhere else, but still hoping for UCSB.

I just email to them “Thank you for your interest in UC Santa Barbara. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, the staff is working remotely. The Office of Admissions is closed to visitors and phone calls. Due to the high volume of emails, please allow 2-3 business days for a response. Thank you in advance for your patience.”

Maybe make a phone call is better to directly get information.

Looks like from your email they aren’t accepting phone calls.
Did you email asking about waitlist?
My daughter committed to Davis. We had a question about housing, I called and they aren’t answering phones either, just email. I got about the same email response you did from UCSB.

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I just got email “ Thank you for contacting the Office of Admissions at UCSB. There is no ranking order to our waitlist. We will be releasing waitlist decisions in the coming weeks and students may not know their final admission decision until June 30th. The UCSB Office of Admissions will email you when a final decision is posted in your UCSB applicant portal.”

UCSB doesn’t allow students to defer a year, so those students would have had to reapply this admission cycle. So deferrals don’t affect class capacity for this year