UCSC Admission Stress

I hope this is the right place for this, I know it is long and I am sorry for how long it is, however, I would appreciate any thoughts or comments if you are willing to help and take time out of your busy lives to help me. Thank you in advance.

I know it is very early in the admission rollouts but I am very stressed about it. I need some peace of mind, whether good or bad.

I have received all A’s throughout high school (besides five B, and one C grade). The C was in the first semester when I was dealing with my ex-girlfriend’s attempted suicide, which was promptly fixed up to a B in the second semester.

I applied for Technology and Information Management B.S.

My Statistics:

  • I have a Cumulative Weighted GPA of 3.85.

  • I am in the top 30% of students at my school.

  • I only took one AP course (AP Physics) which I got an A in both semesters.

  • I have been playing tennis for my school for four years, varsity for three, and I am the team captain this year.

  • Scholar Athlete for three consecutive years (sophomore, junior, senior)

  • I have 730 community service hours (some hours not reported due to lack of access to the event organizer).

  • I am an Eagle Scout as of 2/2/22.

  • I have worked 20 hours a week (more over summers) since October of 2021 and currently still work at the same place.

  • I have been awarded the honor of being a National Technical Honor Society member for my junior and senior years.

  • Teachers Aide for my Senior Year.

Brief Synopsis of my Essay Contents:

In my essays, I spoke of my school coursework with “Internet Engineering” and how it drove me to want to further my education in this field. I spoke of my medical issues with my Arachnoid Cyst in my left temporal lobe and how it affected my learning, how computers are my most proficient skill and talent, and finally how I have made my community a better place with my 24 months of leadership while I was in scouts and my eagle scout project.

Overall TL;DR

I’m super stressed and need some peace of mind and want to know if my stats are enough to get me admitted to my dream school.


I am sorry that you are stressed but realize the majority of decisions will be out in March. Also you need to get rid of the idea of a “dream school”. A dream school(s) are schools whom will find that you will be an asset to their campus and happily will admit you.

That said, you should know your decision in a few weeks and try to enjoy this last year of HS with friends and family. Keep busy and try NOT to worry since the majority of students end up attending schools where they are meant to be.

Here are some stats in regards to admissions at UCSC. You have to remember that all UC’s do a comprehensive review so stats alone are not a determining factor.


Community service, outside jobs, sports etc… all contribute to your overall application.

First you need to calculate your 3 UC GPA’s: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

The admit rates for all the UC’s overall based on the capped weighted UC GPA are below.
2022 Admit rates and not major specific:

Campus 4.00+ 3.70-3.99 3.30-3.69 3.00-3.29
Berkeley 17% 3% 1% 0%
Davis 58% 20% 5% 2%
Irvine 35% 10% 3% 0%
Los Angeles 13% 2% 1% 0%
Merced 97% 97% 95% 85%
Riverside 95% 83% 42% 17%
San Diego 37% 8% 1% 0%
Santa Barbara 41% 8% 3% 0%
Santa Cruz 69% 45% 16% 4%

The 2022 admit rate for Tech and Info Management was 42% (428 applicants and 181 admitted). What this data does not show is how competitive the applicant was for this major.

You sound like a very good student, you have a lot of wonderful things going for you so best of luck.

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Appreciate it. When I did the UC GPA thing, this is what it said.

Unweighted GPA: 3.82
Weighted GPA: 3.85
Weighted and Capped GPA: 3.85

I know I am a good student and applicant, I’m just worried about not having a good enough GPA.

The UC’s each have need to fill in terms of diversity (geographic, first-gen, even ethnicity) and if you fill it then they’ll let you in.

I think the pertiant question is, did your PIQs touch upon what made you different and who you are.

It’s not about stats as much as it is about fit.

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My PIQs I felt were very telling of who I am and why I am a great candidate for the school and program. I am from inland empire and I am not first gen, I am also white.

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Why is it your dream school?

We are not admissions - so only they can tell you your chances?

I promise you - there is no such thing as a dream school. Every year, many transfer out of their dream school.

At the same time, there are likely many schools where a student can have a great experience.

Hopefully you get into Santa Cruz - but if not, hopefully you have a list of other matches and safeties - and you’ll do great at each and any of them - if you have the right mindset and take advantage of what each school will offer you.

And if you don’t yet have that school, there’s still plenty of affordable schools taking apps - and someone with your GPA can get very good merit.

Good luck.


Look, they aren’t supposed to use race in making decisions, but they could use surrogates.

There is also a lot of subjectivity going on. Your application gets a 10 minute read at most and if the reader doesn’t connect or is not paying attention then …

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I really resonate with the environment and I know that I will thrive in that environment.

My safety is Cal Poly Pomona which I’ve been accepted into on January 30th.

Also, UCSC has tennis courts that are widely available. Cal Poly Pomona does not allow students to use them unless you are on the club or the team. Which is very important to me.

I understand. I know my essays we’re definitely engaging and we’re very well structured. I just hope I have a real shot for this school.

Very different environments.

Is tennis courts your only feeding point? If it is, then look at schools that have open courts for students.

Don’t know if they do - but with your GPA, check out U of Arizona - still taking apps - and you’d get $20K merit if the UW is as you showed.

Did you look at, apply to Humboldt? Not sure if it fits your major.

If tennis court access is the most important thing to you, no doubt, you’ll find that at many schools - and i’m sure close to Pomona, if not on campus.

Good luck.

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My biggest selling point is the environment and the effectiveness of the learning opportunities at UCSC.

For Pomona my biggest point of driving me away is the fact that they do not have accessible tennis courts and that it is a very close school to my home.

Schools like the ones you listen I did look into, but I want to be in California still and my dad parents won’t let me go out of state if I wanted to anyways.

Listen - I hope you get into UCSC - but when you make a statement like that - that’s at many, many a school - if you take advantage of it. You made the biggest mistake you can make - you fell in love with a school. Too late to cure now - but c’mon, every school can provide that for you.

Best of luck wherever you end up (hopefully not Pomona if not UCSC - hopefully you have others as you don’t seem to be interested in Pomona). So if not UCSC, find another. They’re out there and still taking apps.

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I do have some others, Pomona is a great option for my degree and is a great safety for me. If I do not get into UCSC I do plan to go there and make the most of it.

College is a privilege and I will make the most of what I can get.

I’m sure, academically, you can get every single bit out of Pomona that you can UCSC. But that’s up to you.

But hopefully it’s a non issue and you get into UCSC.

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I agree. I hope I get in. Just the March stress of admission decisions are getting into my head haha

A CPP graduate here along with my husband (dark ages 1980’s) but it is a great option. My nephew is a current CIS major at CPP and finding the school challenging but perfect for him. He is a commuter as was myself and husband but we found many ways to get involved in campus life. Remember where you go for Undegrad will not define you. What will make you successful is taking advantage of all the resources available to you to make it happen.

Best of luck.


I appreciate the kind words. My brother graduated from there, so it is a good option and I know that I will do well there.

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@Knifec , You have good academic stat but very good overall profile with scouting and other great stuff. You should be proud of your accomplishments during stressful high school years. UCSC, undoubtedly, is a great school. But California offers many such options. Some of state universities (incld CPP) are almost of same repute as UCSC. Don’t forget UCM and UCR. Both of them are in rise and offer excellent academic framework and sporting infrastructure. Both have majors and courses equivalent to UCSC TIM. So relax and wait for how things are going to unfold in next month. I am sure you will go places.

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UCs do not consider race or ethnicity in admission.

The biggest bucketing factor by far is intended major in cases where the campus admits by major (or division where the major is housed). The campus does not want to overflow any given major. However, not all capacity-limited majors at all campuses are selected for in frosh admission; some are selected by secondary admission based on college grades / GPA.

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Thank you. Genuinely.