UCSC Appeal results class of 2020

received an email at 5:48pm. I was accepted off of the waitlist through appeal!! I’m in state

My daughter was accepted off the waitlist too. Very happy!


Best of luck to you @thegreatgatz and to your daughter @Hemmingway2019

congrats everyone who’s gotten in. i still haven’t heard back and I’m getting a little worried

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I got denied at 8:11. I was hoping for the best but oh well ig. Does anyone know when the waitlist decisions start coming in?

@Gumbymom Thanks!
And thank you for all your advice and info.
You are an amazing resource and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Hi! I was looking to appeal this year, would you be able to share a copy of your appeal for me to look at as an example? The guidelines were very vague and I’m not completely sure what I should focus on. I’d appreciate any help, thank you :slight_smile: