UCSC Appeal results class of 2020

I haven’t seen any recent appealing getting off the waitlist discussions. It’s currently 12:22 4/19 and I haven’t gotten anything back. I wrote about how my senior year grades are an improvement to my previous years’ grades (3.7->4.2)

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@playboycarti you should hear back tomorrow. Good luck!

In previous years denials/acceptances started to come out on 4/18 and went to 4/20. The letter should come any time now ?

Not sure if any decisions will come out on a Sunday, so tomorrow late morning is probably when they will start.
Last year the 20th fell on a Saturday.
And because of the pandemic, I’m sure response time has been impacted for both in state and out of state applicants this year.
And then waitlist decisions (if there are any this year) will start the week after next.

my my friend got denied earlier today. He got an email that said check portal and portal said he got denied

I pushed up an appeal a couple days ago as a transfer student. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

Have any first-years received word today, yet?

haven’t heard anything (first year)

Maybe it will come out at 12?? Im so nervous ahhh!!

Just got my appeal decision, denied and will remain on the waitlist for further notice. Big Sad

Damn. What new and compelling info did you put and what was your reg gpa vs senior year gpa?

@henrynvn Thanks for sharing your news. Keep the faith - this is a strange year and much is still in play.
Do you mind sharing your stats/major?

my appeal was denied too, still on waitlist :((((( applied for human bio

I’m so sorry :frowning: good luck on the waitlist tho! Do you mind sharing what you wrote for your appeal?

i just clarified some extenuating circumstances and wrote about the achievements i received after submitting my app

still haven’t gotten my appeal decision. the anticipation is no fun

My son’s appeal was denied around 1:30pm through email. He showed an increase in senior grades and work in his desired major: Anthropology. He is still on the waitlist and hoping to get in.

I’m so nervous right now. To everyone on this thread that got denied and is still on the waitlist, there is a lot of hope as last year 62% of the people on the waitlist got in. Also, because of ronaszn, there is going to be less out of state people coming in which increases the chance of you getting off the waitlist! Good luck and I’ll post what my decision is when I get it!

has anyone else gotten anything? i haven’t and it seems quite late

haven’t received anything yet