UCSC chances for me

UC GPA: 3.3
Major: Psych
SAT: couldn’t take due to covid
Leadership: Co president of a local chapter of an organization; vice president of school club
EC: school clubs; track and field(1 year)

I know my GPA is low for UCs, but I have hearing loss which played a huge role in my grades. I had a B average freshman/soph year but during my junior year, i had a cochlear implant surgery which brought me down to a few Cs first semester and 1 C with a couple Bs and one A second semester of junior year. I know senior year doesn’t count for UCs so i wont include that. I wrote some of my essays on the struggles of the surgery and how that impacted my grades but also how i overcame it so i’m hoping that will make up for something. A friend of mine from UCB looked at my essays and said it was solid as well. I just wanted to know what my chances are for UCSC and maybe UCM and UCI. I also applied to cal states and out of states, and still considering community college, i just wanted to know what you think my chances would be for these three UCs. Thanks!

Please be sure and contact the Disability Resource Centers at the UCs and CalStates where you applied.
Start your files at these schools. They will give you advice about your admission and may flag your files to discuss with admissions.

They need students like you who have performed well despite your inability to hear 90% of sounds around you before your cochlear surgeries.

Good luck!!!

@aunt_bea, thank you!! what should i say when I email them?

It’s sometimes better if you call, but given your cochlear surgery, i don’t know what your tty system handles.
So, if you decide to email or call, you say, “Hi, my name is Sally Smith and I recently applied, but I would like to know about the services you offer for cochlear students (I.e. preferential scheduling, note takers, amplification in classes, seating positioning, video recording, job leads, etc.)”.

Let them take the lead and suggest their services and what they offer.
Those office staffs are very helpful and can make in-house suggestions to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! That what they are there for.
Good Luck!